Gone with the wind (and rain)

The last post´s "yippee it´s summer again" was short-lived
even for the Finnish standards. It´s gone already.
Not to worry though, there are many autumny wonders just
around the corner, here´s the first peak!

Now I am off to work, and it rains again *sigh* but you all,
have a great Wednesday!


parTea lady said...

Well, here in Georgia its still 88 degrees at 7 pm, but the daylight is fading earlier each week. My grandsons are already finished summer break and are back in school.

I love your little pouch. How do you come up with all these cute designs?

Mia said...

Oh, 88 degrees...in here it was almost good yesterday and today should be warmer too. I am back to work also, but the schools will start at 13th.

Thank you for complimenting my little pouch! I just take a bit of wool and a felting needle and start poking :) I love birdies and little bugs so it helps too!

Have a wonderful weekend!


This time of the year...

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