September already?

...Not quite, yet, but close. August seemed (and felt) very brief, after long and relaxing summer months. I have been busy with work (daily), and there has been a lots of trying with sewing and felting, some celebrations (birthdays) and blogging... nonexistent, really. Sorry.

But to proof that I have finished some this month also, I present:

Some more to come in September, I promise. You can see more of those in my flickr (and some are still in my shop-s).

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!


mieke willems said...

dear dear mia!!!!!

you are the very sweetest! i don't know what to say! i found your pouch fridaynight in my mailbox! (i'm sorry i didn't write you earlier, but we were so busy with the fleamarket and everything...)
i really really love it! and i think it's so very very nice and kind of you just to send it to me!!!! i will make some more promotion on the blog soon :)!
veronik also loved the little wooden moomin and we'll do a things we both have photoshoot soon! it's the perfect item!
thanks a million mia!!!!
have a nice sunday!!!!!

all the best for you!

Mia said...

Thank you for your message, Mieke! I have thought of sending you a little something for a long time and when I saw the wooden Moomins...

I am happy you liked the pouch and oh how I would have loved your fleamarket!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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