Warning: Contains moaning

Oh, it has been weeks since I last posted. It is not that I don´t have things to write, quite the opposite: it seems that I have too many things in my mind (and my table) at the moment. I try to knit, sew, felt, decorate and promote my stuff all the same time (plus maintain my daily job, keep the house habitable and my family if not happy, close to that) and I am tired. The piles of felts, ready-cut fabrics grow...

I would love to have a creative way of living and only that. It´s not that I´d hate my current daily job, no, it just disturbs my crafts badly. I would love to have my days and weeks organized around my knitting needles and sewing machine (which I just purchased new, hooray, about that later) and deliveries and photo shoots. Now all that needs to be done during the evenings and weekends, and it leaves me no free time at all. Which is alright for a while but...

Is there anybody out there who struggles with these same problems? I would love to hear your ways of coping - and how did you take that last step and jumped (out of daily work, that is). What did it take? How are you doing now?


I am so sorry about all that moaning. There are so many things that make me happy also: This fall has been so much better than summer was, sunny and rain-free. I also got that sewing machine (I have dreamed about it for two years) and I have purchased some pretty handmades too. I also have the most supportive sister ever (and that gorgeous nephew too) and there´s only three months until Christmas! My next post will be happier, I promise!

Peaceful Sunday!


mieke willems said...

hi mia,
i think most of my friends struggle with the same problem. including me. i also have to do another job next to the store, and if you want to create something, there isn't much time left... i know it"s stupid but most of the time i feel stressed about this...
but i think we should be happy to have something of our own, maybe one day it will be the main thing! let's keep our fingers crossed for that :)

good lukc to you!
and have a nice day!


Mia said...

Thank you, Mieke!

I have calmed down a bit since my post ;) as it is Friday and all but I definitely am still thinking about the it. I would (maybe?) agree more with a crafty job and something else on side but at the moment it is no-can-do so I´ll just keep dreaming!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and oh how I love your shop - I wish you could also live of it without a second job!

We´ll get there :) eventually!

Have a wonderful weekend coming!


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