Give away!

Dear friends,

I wrote on my earlier post that I´ve reached 300 sales at my etsy shop and would love to celebrate it somehow. So I decided to make it a give away instead of sale so everybody can participate! So please leave a comment on this post (even just a hello will do!) and on 6th of November 2009 I´ll randomly choose two of you to get little something from my shop. I´ll ship them anywhere you are, too!

I have chosen two items which have had quite a few admirers (hearts as we call them at etsy), one Moomin pouch and one felted pouch (my specialties both, so to speak) so please when commenting, let me know which one you would like to get:

A blue zippered Moomin pouch "Moomins in love"


A white birdie and tree felted cellphone cozy!

Happy commenting and Happy Halloween!


**edit 6/11/2009 I am now closing the comments - thank you all!**


Sophie said...

Hi! I've bought from your
Etsy before (Quercus1), and I really like the felted cell cozys!

Jane said...

2 comments from me in one day!! Goodness me what a choice....I love them both Mia but if I was lucky and I had to choose I would choose the litle Moomin bag as it would it go in my Christmas bag!
Happy Halloween!
Love, Jane x

sherry hill said...

You know how I heart your work more than I can say Mia!!! You're too sweet, keep up the lovely work!!!

-Sherry Hill

p.s....given how much I LOVE your felting I would have to choose the birdie cell cozy if I were to be so lucky!!!!

dana Eger said...

I absolutely love your work. I really enjoy the hand felted embellishments that you put on your items. sooo, if I were lucky enough to win I would have to choose the one with the bird and tree. And congrats on your success with sales!!

Sheri said...

I recently discovered your Etsy shop and adore your felted pouches and bags. I purchased (pinupchick)your green bee cell phone cozy and absolutely can't wait for it to arrive! It's nice to see such an eye for fun and beautifully crafted designs!

If I win the draw, I would love your bird pouch!

Anonymous said...

Your items are incredibly adorable! I came across them and had to send your link to my sister because we both adore that kind of style and it's even more exciting that you're from Finland because my sister and I are part Finnish and in the past couple years we've really wanted to get more in touch with the Finnish part of our heritage. I wasn't aware that you were celebrating selling so much on etsy.com, I actually just wanted to tell you that your items are so inspiring and to keep it up cuz I'm going to be buying something from you and probably my sister will as well. But since you are possibly giving away something I would def. pick the cell phone cozy.

P.S. I love love love the buttons you chose too!

Anne said...

Congratulations Mia for 300 sales.I like both, but I have never had any Moomin bag from your shop. If I am a lucky winner, I would like the Moomin pouch.
Happy November and best of luck for your shop.

ksenia said...

O, Mia!!! congratulations and more of these 300 many many times again!
i've looked through your blog and i must say (once again) that you have magical hands..i havent bought anything yet (as you know) but i keep coming every day and admire your works..thank you!
and hope to ask you to make something special soon : )
all the best from russia

Daphne L (Singapore) said...

Hi Mia!! Congrats on your 300 sales-you'll have a handmade life soon I'm sure! :) I bought the Moomin camping bag (DaphneL)from you a few months ago and I've had many compliments :P I like the cellphone cozy :)

Anonymous said...

I just ran across you on etsy and am happy I did. I Love your work. Congratulations on your sales!

Mia said...

Thank you all SO MUCH for your nice comments! Those just made my day, every each of them! I am now going to choose (or actually random.org will!) the winners - and I will write a new post about it. Good luck all!


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