And the give away winners are...

... comments number 7 and 9!


" Congratulations Mia for 300 sales.I like both, but I have never had any Moomin bag from your shop. If I am a lucky winner, I would like the Moomin pouch. Happy November and best of luck for your shop."


"Hi Mia!! Congrats on your 300 sales-you'll have a handmade life soon I'm sure! :) I bought the Moomin camping bag (DaphneL)from you a few months ago and I've had many compliments :P I like the cellphone cozy :) "

So Anne will receive a Moomin pouch and Daphne gets the cozy! I´ll post them on Monday 9/11/2009.

Thank you all so much for your nice comments! I like my crafts but it just makes my day to hear how you´ve enjoyed them too. I am sending big hugs to all of you! I hope you´ll visit me here later again!

Have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. For choosing the numbers I used http://www.random.org/


DaphneL said...

OMG!!! I'm speechless to learn that I'm a winner :)) My weekend is off to a great start! Thanks so much Mia, and all my very best wishes for your store and little piece of heaven! :)

Mia said...

You´re so welcome, Daphne! I am so happy to send the birdie to you! Have a fantastic weekend!


Anne D T said...

What a great surprise. Thanks so much. Here's to more Moomins and felted bags from your shop....

Mia said...

You´re welcome, too, Anne! The little Moomins will start their journey to you on Monday and hopefully they´ll bring happiness and smiles to you!


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