Sewing and loving it

I have done some sewing today, and actually it´s one down - two to go -situation. We have three sofas at our house and they´re soft, comfy and much used. They´re also used with chocolate/coffee/kids/tea/anything and after several years they just need some coverage. I have some throws and shawls already but I wanted some christmassy ones. But of course and about a week before holidays. That is so me.

I tried to find something from etsy, but I realized that I am so late with this, there was no chance to get anything shipped to Finland before Holidays. Also three gorgeous handmade quilts would have broken the bank so I opted much used and less expensive option: self sewn.

I am not a quilter, nope, so no hand-stitching or any other wonderfulness for me. But I have pretty fabrics and a great sewing machine so I think I can pull this one off and get some comfy and pretty things done. My color scheme for Christmas is red&white with some blue (and some Moomins, apparently) and here´s the first:

All the fabrics are reused except the red-green-hearts backing. I purchased that on last January with some 5 euros/7usd (it a was set of curtains and on sale -70%) but never used it - now it found the perfect spot! I also used some of the last scraps from my winter Moomins fabric and I am loving it! And now I am off to sew some more...

Happy third advent Sunday!

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