Surely it is spring already?

At least these colors suggest so. Welcome February and sun, eventually.

Plus some Moomins, apparently. Now I am back to felting for a while,
yummy yellows and greens there too to brighten up any day.
I am not counting the days until March (24) yet but I really really am
looking forward to spring.

Brilliant weekend to everyone (yes, it is Friday tomorrow again)!


Elizabeth Fedorko said...

So incredibly CUTE!~~~Greetings from snowy Washington DC!~~~XXOO, Beth

Mia said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! I just saw Washington in news - please stay home&warm!


Anne said...

They are all lovely but the large quilted bag is my favorite.
Here's to all things Moomin.

Mia said...

Thank you - that bag was a special custom work which (even I say so myself) turned out adorable ;)

This time of the year...

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