Shopping for a business and pleasure

After the holidays I have tried to keep "do not buy if not really necessary" - rhyme in mind when shopping. It has actually worked quite well as I received the most wonderful holiday presents. Much more than I wished for. So I have been quite happy just making to-do lists for this new year, and I also have made a list what I really need and should buy when found at bargain price.

I crossed one item off that list yesterday when I got myself a brand new kitchen scale! It´s not for kitchen though, nope, but to weight my little wools and felts. I have been longing one for ages, and even this was not that much of a bargain it was not that expensive either. And it was a pretty and sleek and I loved the brand too. Yeah I know how pathetic I am but I just like the guy alright?

I also found the most wonderful (not to mention practical) storage for my desk. I have posted about my craft space earlier and as you can see, all the storage is very welcome. My craft room is at the attic of our very old house and there are none (zero, null, zilch) closets there, it´s all an open space with the most practical slope roof. So all my storage has either been built in (and there are not that much of walls to built in really) or carried in (shelves, jars, boxes, baskets, more boxes...) so when I find a pretty storage unit with pretty price I buy it.

My latest little storage unit is a Groke one. You, who are not familiar with her find more here. The little drawer was -50% and it has the Hattifatteners on it too. A real must-buy you see? I use it to storage my Moomin stamps (needed when sending Moomins via my etsy), my Moomin cards (to the wonderful etsy buyers too), my Moomin figures&pins (etsy again!) and some other pretty stuff. And the drawer matches with the most beautiful jar I got for Christmas. Perfect!

I have made some other pretty, practical and wonderful finds too - thrifted mostly - but I´ll post about them later. Now I am off to make yet an another Moomin package ready for shipping and yes, I´ll crab my stamps from that little Hattifatteners box down right! Works every time: makes me smile!

Happy Sunday everyone!


Anne said...

Hi Mia, It's good to hear some news from you. Hooray for the new boxes. They are very cute.


Mia said...

Dear Anne,

it´s so great to hear from you too! I have been quite busy (and lazy too with blogging) but I promise I´ll try harder this spring (yes, I think it´s almost spring!)...

I hope you´re all well and you´re getting busy too!


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