Getting older

It is Thursday and only one day before my winter holidays (of nine days!) will begin. I am looking forward to lazy days of knitting, felting and learning how to use my new camera! Yes, it arrived as an early birthday gift! It feels and looks like a proper camera, and I love it even I have no glue how to use it yet. I am going to take millions of pictures next week and get really friendly with that baby of mine. So getting yet an another year is not that bad with a fabulous gift I suppose?

My little birdies have made some new friends - at etsy they made into this fabulous treasury (thank you so much, Ana!) and then there´s a giveaway at Heather´s great blog here - you can visit it and maybe the birdies will move in with you! Thank you both Ana and Heather!

Now I am off to knit a bit and start counting the hours until the holidays. At this hour tomorrow I will be watching this (read: him) - I am huge fan of ginger (read: him) so there´s no better way to start holidays is there?

Nope, I didn´t think so.

Happy Thursday!

P.S. Pardon me for using links excessively, will do less next time

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