Just rambling

This after-Easter week felt longer and harder than an usual working week even though it only was four days. Somehow everyone was still on holiday mood and it stayed with us whole week. It is a wonderful feeling but when you need to be effective, quick, accurate and educational 8hours it just does not... Well make it any easier should I say?

Weatherwise (is that a word?) the week has been great. Loads of sunshine paired with an occasional rain to melt snow away - I like that. We had a day with some minus degrees still but hey, cannot complain as our BBQ spot shows already. Who cares about meter of snow around it? The spot is there.

I have been feeling sort of slow with my crafts this week too, just finishing what I did knit on Easter break. I also have love-hate relationship with my new camera, and I definitely cannot use it yet. Some of the pictures are great and other pure... art? Let´s call it that.

Besides feeling slow I am feeling almost summer-ish with all these bees and now butterflies and yes, sun shines outside again. I should actually take my camera outside for a small photo shoot - I´ll share the results later.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Cute! and I love the matching butterfly lining. Bx

Mia said...

Thank you, Beth!

I was saving the last bit of the butterfly fabric - and this was a perfect use for that :)

Have a happy Saturday!


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