The fabrics I use for my bags and pouches are mostly reused, old curtains, tablecloths and such. When I knit&felt my bags, I use those for lining. Every now and the (too rarely, actually) I sew bags from the scratch. But today I did and I like it a lot:

Everything else but the needle felted birdies wool and the sewing thread were reused (oh and the button was new and I covered it with bags fabric).

The plaid fabric is wool-polyester blend (pair of trousers I bought from local fleamarket even they were about three sizes too small, I saw them as a bag. I have them in pink too, just wait and see!) and the lining is a reused cotton pillowcase. There´s a sturdy polyester layer between the top and lining too; it came from reused baby blanket.

With these materials the bag turned out not only cute but absolutely unique. And even I am not the eco-friendliest person in whole world (there´s so much more I could do) I am quite proud of myself too.

This felt so good I need to make an another (in pink perhaps?) soon.

Have a green Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Lovely bag!
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Thank you so much Vivienne! And so nice to have you visiting me here!

Many sunny greetings from Finland!


Anonymous said...

Lovely bag, it most definitely appeals to my tweed addiction! and I love how the lining matches the bird.


Mia said...

Thank you, Beth!

I love tweed also but it´s quite rare here in Finland (quite the opposite to yours?) and hard to find in good condition. How about those bunny-bags of yours - are they in your shop yet?

Have a wonderful week - sunny and bright!


Anne said...

Great use of something old. I like the inside and the outside. Masculine tweed (on the outside) and feminine flowers (on the inside). Terrific idea.

best wishes, Anne

Mia said...

Thank you, Anne!

You always find the right words - just like I thought the bag was!

Have a wonderful day!

Yours all the way from Finland,

Jane said...

This is the one...I LOVE this Mia, well done. Jx

Mia said...

Thank you, Jane, thank you so much!

The little birdie send you loving tweets too!


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