Two posts at the same day, so not me - but this is quite important! I have almost reached 400 sales at my etsy shop (399 as we speak - amazing!) and when the big number hits, I really would love to celebrate it somehow with all of you, and at the same time thank you all who have visited my shop. When I passed 300, I had a little giveaway - maybe that again?

Any ideas? Wishes? I would love to hear from you!


**Edit. It just happened - 400 sales!!! Thank you, thank you!! And now the ideas, please!**


ANNE said...

Congratulations Mia, I just saw 401 sales in your shop.
Hooray!! I'm happy for you.
I'm thinking of ideas to help "celebrate".

Best to you from America.....

Mia said...

Dear Anne,

Thank you so much! I will be the first to congratulate you when you hit this number - and with your beautiful things I am sure it will not take long :)

Many sunny greetings from Finland to all of you!


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