101. post

I wish I had something interesting, exciting, fun, pretty AND finished to show on this, 101. post of mine. But oh my, I am supposed to organize my crafting space today and seem to be doing anything but. I made a promise to myself yesterday that I will not craft anything before my tables, shelves and boxes are in order. Huh, very little did I know.

I admire organized people highly. She is one great example, oh how I would love to buy Benita a flight ticket and get her to help me out with all my clutter. Just see her crafting space , I am just speechless. The Chez Larsson blog is divine, just jump in and enjoy!

My worst vice is not to toss things I really do not use. I keep thinking how I just might need this and that one day and end up keeping it all. I love crafting and have supplies for two lifetimes (underestimation of the year) and find it vee-ryy hard indeed to part any of it. And my finished items - there are quite a few also. These together cause a storage problem(s) which I am going to solve right now. Wish me luck!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well looking at these pics it doesn't look too bad!
I too have drawers with yarn in them, I love it, you can just open the drawers and breathe the colours in!lol
Happy tidying! :)
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Thanks Vivienne, but unfortunately these pictures are AFTER I already did some cleaning downstairs. My crafting is slowly spreading from upstairs downwards... Upstairs is still a real mayhem. But I am just having a short break here and back to it ;)

Happy day to you too!


thelinencat said...

Oh Mia, I suffer from the same problem, I even save teeny tiny scraps of fabric 'just in case'! In fact part of my recent lost mojo has been because I am trying to tidy out my studio, which thankfully is in better shape now.

I LOVE the bags in your next post, especially the blue one - beautiful!

Mia said...

Thank you, Beth, for ensuring that there are others our there with same problems :) I LOVE crafting but tidying up after is not one of my strongest qualities... To minimize mess I even purchased mini vacuum yesterday to clean up threads from my clean floor ;)

Happy weekend - it´s soon again!


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