Three years and counting

Today, 16th of July 2010, it has been exactly three years since I joined etsy. These three years have been full of happiness, hard work, ideas, mistakes, learning, creativeness and new friends. But most importantly by managing my little shop I have learned what I want to do for living: I want to create things that make both people and myself happy and smile. Therefore I salute next three years of happiness:

Happy 3 Year Anniversary to me!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
You definitely do create things that make people smile. :)
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Thank you Vivienne :)

Kerry said...

happy anniversary- the bits I won in your giveaway make me smile and feel happy whenever I look at them- quite a lot! Your work is lovely x

Mia said...

Thank you, Kerry, that is lovely to hear! Your comments made me happy too :)

Happy Friday from (again!) HOT Finland!


Anne said...

Happy Anniversary to you!!!What a great feeling to have your own shop for 3 years. You make people happy AND you inspire them very much.



Mia said...

Thank you dear Anne!

You´re following with your beautiful shop and it soon will be three years for you too, time just flies!

I am so happy to know you, thank you so much for everything and here´s to our brilliant future, hooray!

Happy greetings to all of you from sunny Finland!


Jane said...

3 years,congratulations! Wishing you many more happy sales Mia, greetings from a steaming hot England.
Love Jane x

Mia said...

Thank you so much, Jane!

It´s a bit cooler here today, yippee, we´ve had almost two weeks of hotter than hot weather and we really needed the break (cannot believe I just said that as our summer is SO short). Now it´s nice and sunny.

Have a wonderful week and many greetings from Finland!


thelinencat said...

Happy Anniversary! You make beautiful things and I really enjoy seeing what you've created here on your blog so long may it continue.


Mia said...

Thank you Beth, and likewise: your items are just adorable! I wish you the most happy and creative week!

Thank you for visiting me here again!


Helen said...

Hi Mia, I just found your blog. I can definetly, truly say that your stuff makes me smile, and My BILLY purse makes me smile a LOT!!

It sounds silly but I am HAPPY today knowing my purse will be here soon and its therefore a happy day!

Mia said...

Dear Helen,

I am so happy to see you here! What I just cannot understand, is why I didn't invite you in earlier? I am so sorry for that!
But I am so happy your Billy-bag is on its way (and should arrive soon!).

Have a happy day and kisses to Billy!


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