In the summertime when the weather is (not too) hight (for shopping)

It is now official that we are having the summer of the decade, it´s been most beautiful, hot and plain wonderful. I have had my doubts (maybe based on two no three previous summers not that wonderful) and haven´t really believed the weather. It´s been "oh, maybe today still" and "it will rain tomorrow for sure". I haven´t really shopped for summer clothes either "these will do for this summer still" and "why bother when it´s so brief" and other rather negative-ish phrases. I have done some shopping though.

Oh yes, you saw it right, that is one pretty winter coat. I bought it last weekend. And yes, thermometer showed +30c but hey, it was on sale! Whopping -70% ! What can one do? Nothing but to try it on, fell in love and carry in (a bit blushed, yes) to the counter.

And what is that pretty thing on the other side of the collar? That is one pretty flower brooch - just perfect for the jacket! How about a close-up, shall we?

That is pretty. It was crocheted by very talented (and not to mention most kind) fellow blogger Vivienne from the Green Rabbit Designs. Her blog is full of lovely handmades, blooming flowers and handsome cats - I recommended it highly! Thank you, dear!

Happy Thursday, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Awe thanks Mia, you're very kind! I'm so happy you like your little brooch!!!
Your new coat is gorgeous! :)
Thanks again for the little mention.
Have a lovely day.
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Thank YOU, Vivienne - for the gorgeous brooch! And the jacket, I love it, but hopefully will not need to use it for loooong time yet ;)

Happy day to you!


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