I ♥ ribbon

Everyone probably already knows, that I have a thing for pretty ribbons. I have quite a collection, and I have even started to use them (only a bit here and another inch there) to make others smile too.

I have been very lucky meet (via net, naturally) one of the ribbon designers, and I just received a taste of the her new designs. They have pretty foxes, badgers and little owls - how cute are these?

I have ordered some more... If you would love to get some, they can be found here. You do not speak any German? Not to worry, neither do I, just e-mail them and they´ll help you out!

Now I am off to thrift with my dear friend, hopefully I´ll have something pretty to show later.

Happy Friday!


schuy´s said...


I´m very happy to see my ribbons here in your wonderful blog.

Thanks a lot!

Greetings from Germany



Mia said...

Thank you, Andrea!

I am happy you liked it!

Many sunny greetings from Finland and wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love ribbon too and have lots of it but I never use any of it!! Maybe I'll find a use for it some day.
I love the badgers and foxes, pretty. :)
Enjoy the weekend.
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Thanks Vivienne!
I have started to use them here and there, in seam of the pouch sometimes or in my keyrings. But never the last bit ;)

Have a wonderful weekend and I am already waiting to see more of your pretty fruit-bags!


Anonymous said...

Mia, I love them and will be begging the help of my German husband so I can order some. I don't normally buy patterned ribbon but I can't resist these!

Mia said...

Lucky you, Beth - I have only had Finnish help at hand :) but I managed to get some some ordered (I just NEEDED the little owls at three colors!). Andrea was most helpful too.

Happy weekend!


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