Come rain (no shine)

Raindrops are falling and falling... and falling. It's been raining almost constantly for last three days. Somehow I am not as annoyed as I normally would be (it must be the hot, sunny and dry summer?) - I actually am quite enjoying it. Weather has also cooled down and yes, it would be wonderful to open a closet and take out a bright new autumn wardrobe. Which I do not have, I am afraid.

I am a very bad shopper for clothes. For myself that is. When I go shopping, I always find something for my sis and nephew and almost everyone else in whole family except myself. I keep trying things on: "nah" "aaalriiight" "too tight" "just hideous" and so on - and I'll end up buying absolutely nothing.

My other vice is seeing something I like, trying it on, liking it (sometimes even a lot) but leaving it for now (I may find something even better?). You can guess the rest? I'll be back in a day-an hour-ten minutes just to find it sold or at least my size has gone. My sister claims if I do this one more time she'll never shop with me again. She swears she means it.

So I have been browsing through catalogues and web sites of my favorite branches so I would have an idea what to expect/look for/find in shops when I hit them later. I have given myself two weeks, and I seriously am going to do this, I promise. And I promise to buy something, too, and promise to show them to you here. Because working from home doesn't mean baggy sweats and t-shirts from 1998 only, right?

I am going to knit some beautiful autumn/winter accessories with this most beautiful and soft mohair yarn my sis brought me from Rome some...two-and-half-years-ago. I know, it's an unbearable long time not to use them, so can you blame me for typing this with a teeny print?

Yours dearly,


Jane said...

We have also had some much needed rain Mia but also SUCH strong winds...my poor plants are rocking in the garden. You need to treat yourself to a new autumn outfit, especially now that your are living your handmade life!
That new mohair looks SO soft, what will you make....?
Have a great Tuesday, I am off to meet my dearest friend and give her the birthday jewellery I featured in my blog a while ago. THE party is on Saturday, let's hope it dries up by then.
Love Jane x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Morning Mia, well it's not raining here, not yet anyway!!
Love your mohair, gorgeous. :)
I usually find clothes I like when I'm not looking, as soon as I go looking especially for something I see nothing I like. So the moral of the story is buy it when you see it even if you don't need it!
Of course you have to look glam even if you are working from home!!!
Have a lovely day.
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Hi Jane!

It still rains here too, and now it's also cloudy and dark-ish :( But I am inside by the fireplace (yes, indeed) and plan to start knitting a big scarf from the darker blue mohair. Some sort of lace I think...ah...

I wish you the greatest party-planning and sunny weather for The party!


Mia said...

Hi Viv,

You're so right with that shopping without looking-method! I always see some pretty stuff when I'm in a hurry or shopping with my nephew (not the most patient waiter when auntie tries shirts on!) and I just should grab the things and run!

I am just planning a shawl of some sort from the darker mohair...mmm...

Have a happy day!


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