Finally finished

This bag took me ages and a week to finish. Making it wasn't the problem, I loved the frosty pink wool, and I think I knit the bag in the beginning of July. Then I slowly attached one flower petal here and another leaf there weeks after that. I had the lining fabric ready, too, but it just somehow... Didn't come together quicker.

This bag was actually designed around this reused flowery cotton I found in local thrift shop in June. It is truly beautiful (it has sort of English cottage-feel, correct me please, my British friends, if it is anything but) and I knew how the bag should look but I still struggled a lot. I started embroidering the leaves, left it for week, made the lining but couldn't get it completed.

On Saturday evening, when I got one custom bag knit and felted (and then it needs to dry almost 24hours), I finally took the plunge and finished the bag. And made a matching string bag for it, too. Phew, it felt good. And I love it - both the bag and a feeling of closure.

Happy Monday!


Plastusia said...

Beautiful colours! Lovely bag.

Jane said...

English cottage garden is most definately the correct term for this bag Mia - it oozes charm and makes me think of hot sunny days in the garden with the scent of roses in the air! The matching dust bag is perfect and brings everything together.
The weather here today is great for the garden, finally some decent rain but not so good for the roses!
Have a rosy day, love Jane x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bag.

I totally understand that nagging feeling of half finished work, I hate half done projects and you are so right there is a great feeling when they are finally finished, especially when the end result is so beautiful.

Have a lovely week,

Mia said...

Thank you so much, Plastusia! I think it (after all!) turned out quite pretty.

Have a wonderful week beginning!


Mia said...

Thanks, Jane! And yes, when I started the bag the summer was on its most beautiful...And now it rains here too. It's quite warm and kind of nice still, I am having a great Monday!

Happy week to you, too, Jane!


Mia said...

Thanks, Beth!

Good that there are others too, who cannot stand half-done projects (it's alright if there's something missing or you're just designing, well not alright but it's more understandable) laying around.

Have a great day and wonderful week!


periwinkle said...

Your english cottage garden bag is just lovely - I'm not surprised it took ages to do , so much work going into it ..

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh it's gorgeous Mia!
Most definitely English cottage, I can almost smell the roses here. :)
Guess what it's raining here too but the weather man has just said on the radio that it's going to be drier in the afternoon. Fingers crossed, I want to get into my garden!!
Have a great week Mia!
Vivienne x

Glenys said...

They are so nice.I love everything on your blog. Especially your felted ladybird on some fabric and the birdie. So cute!

Mia said...

Thank you so much, Lisa! I think the bag turned out pretty too, and I am SO happy I got it finished!

Sunny week!


Hi Viv,

It rains here too and our weatherman has promised MORE of it for next days or so... I wish you sunshine so you can get into garden!


Hi Glenys,

It's so nice to have you visiting me here and thank you for the nicest comment!

Many greetings from Finland!


Happy week, ladies!


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