Earthy tones

Sun shines this morning, and I have a million (you know how I exaggerate but many) things to complete today. The autumn is definitely here, and I am loving it! It seems to bring not only busier days and more custom work but also earthier tones to my work.

Tomorrow we're going shopping (I took a little peek into some shops yesterday), and there seems to be a lot of beautiful grays, blues and browns on clothing this autumn. I may be able to find something for me after all - and oh, my latest designs seem to be so this season. But of course.

Happy Tuesday!


Jane said...

Good morning Mia, those are beautiful earthy tones with a hint of Autumn (is the 'A' word allowed now?!!) The sun is shining here, perfect as I am doing some last minute washing as we're off on holiday tomorrow,yay!!
My friend's party was wonderful and it even stayed dry all the time. She looked beautiful and I was so proud to see her wearing the jewellery I made her.
Have a great Tuesday and I will "see" you here again at the end of next week.
Love Jane x

Mia said...

Hello Jane,

And thank you again! I am so happy your party was a success and I am absolutely sure your jewelry was stunning. I also think we (unfortunately) need to start using the A-word again, at least here it's definitely on!

Have a wonderful holidays and I'll talk to you again when you're back!


Anonymous said...

Oh Mia, you would have laughed had you seen me earlier today, I was attempting to learn to knit and I have a long way to go!

Love the Autumn colours and especially the new bag.


Mia said...

Dear Beth,

I am so happy you are knitting! And I think it's not how or what you knit but the knitting itself that makes you happy - even if the item never gets finished! And I definitely would not have laughed, I am a self-learned knitter too, and I too still have a thing or two ;) to learn.

Happy knitting!


Pam said...

That embroidery on the grey felt is gorgeous Mia - very 'now'.
Each time I see your creations I want to give felt making a go.
Maybe one day.
Take care,
P x

Mia said...

Dear Pam,

Please do try it, you'll love it! It is very addictive though ;) It's wonderful as you can play with colors, and I know how you love them as I have seen your beautiful creations!

Have a wonderful day!


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