I love books. I would buy every single book I have ever read if I had the space (and money). We live in tiny house (not the mention the luck of funds), so I need to use the library too. I grief when I take the books back after I have enjoyed them, as I know I would love to have them on my shelf, and take an another look every now and then.

There are two kind of books I just almost can not to buy. Books of Christmas and crafts. There are very little good Christmas-books in Finnish (most of them translated from other languages) and even less great ones of crafting. Not to mention the price-issue, these are really expensive so I need to choose very carefully. Yes, I know, I just about could manage them in English (and I have some great ones, too) but I just love to read the instructions in my own language. That limits the selection significantly.

I'll make an another post of my Christmas-books a bit later, and just show my latest craft-jewel today. I am not that big on advertising things in here, but this book is just wonderful. I do not crochet (yes, I have been told it's doable and even I could learn) but I love to look at these pictures for inspiration. And there are many great patterns for knitting too. What a lovely book!

Lesley Stanfiel: 100 flowers to knit&crochet

I am soon off to shopping, and I have a new motto: no matter how bad you look in store's mirror, the books always look good on you. I think I like that a lot.



Anne said...

I love books also. I have a big stack of Christmas books. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos.


Mia said...

Thank you, Anne!

I for sure would love to study your Christmas books, you must be quite a selection there on your bookstores *envy* and hey, are we talking about Christmas already? Yippee!

Have a happy week dear friend!


Pam said...

Well, I have just opened the most perfect picture books and I'm enjoying them immensely. But I do understand wanting to read in your own language; there are some wonderful Japanese craft books out there, and I own a couple, but I would so like them to be in English.
The flowers look great. Have a go!
P x

Mia said...

Dear Pam,

I have been admiring those Japanese craft books but haven't yet bought any, maybe it's the language? I love English magazines though and even French Marie Claire Idees :)

Have a wonderful moments with your book!


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