Something new for me

It seems that no matter how many bags, purses and pouches I do, not one of them stays at home. I mean with me. I am always in love with my latest creation, but then put it up to my shop, and it´s no longer mine. Of course that´s the way it should be but hey, I think I should own one of my bags at least? For promotional reasons if not anything else?

Now I have one! I found this pretty red-white-plaid pillow case while thrifting last week. What caught my eye was the embroidery, it had initials PM which happen to be mine (last name first but close enough) - that was if not an omen at least it made it much easier to keep that fabric myself.

I lined the bag with pretty floral cotton which used to be my sister´s curtains so this bag is more than one way very me. Very much indeed.

Natutrally I had to include some wool, felting and a little birdie, and size of the bag is totally up to my use (very large). I love it!

So I have a new pretty bag. What´s even more new is my way of living. It´s Sunday 1st of August when I write this, and today is the first day of my new life. I am having time off my daily work to pursue this HandmadebyMia-life of mine. I have thought this through times enough and now was the time. I did spend last month not only having little bit of holidays but also stocking up for autumn, made some research, took millions of photographs and made some great contacts (and some wholesale possibilities, too).

I have many exiting things happening right now. I cannot talk all of that quite yet, but you´ll be first ones to know as I made a decision to blog more regularly. So watch this space Mon-Fri to see how my journey goes! I hope you´ll be joining me and keep commenting as you have done so spectacularly already. Thank you, dears!

This is so exiting and wonderful and I am loving it. Happy week, everyone!


Kerry said...

How exciting- a new life chapter!

Mia said...

Thank you, Kerry, it is indeed :)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh Mia I'm so excited for you, that is great news!!
I know you'll be very successful as your work is excellent. :)
I'm sending you the best of wishes for your new life!!
Vivienne x
P.S. Your new bag is gorgeous and a great advertisement for your work!

Mia said...

Thank you Vivienne, I am so happy you are there with me to cheer and courage me with you comments! I am still in the very beginning but who knows where I am in a year or so? I am loving all this!

Happy and sunny greetings from Finland to you :)


Pam said...

That's great news Mia! A step into a new life is so very exciting. Having made that step myself I know how it feels. And it's definitely the right way to go. Wishing you all the success in the world.
P x

Mia said...

Thank you, Pam!

And I am so happy to hear you have made that step too, and can feel my excitement, happiness and yes, a teeny bit of stress for the future too :)

Sunshine from Finland!


Jane said...

Wow Mia is that dream of a Handmadebymia life becomming a reality for you?

That is SUCH exciting news.
I love your new bag and I will love sharing with you the new journey you are about to take via you blog. I am SO pleased for you, you deserve it, your crafting is beautiful.

Love, Jane x

Mia said...

Thank you, Jane!

Lovely words, made me smile :) Wonderful to get such courage-filled comments! I hope this will work for me, it´s something I have dreamed for so long...

Happy week!


Anne said...

Mia, What a wonderful bag AND good news. I know you will be a great success. Please keep us all posted about the next big step.


Mia said...

Thank you dear Anne!

And you know me, I just keep going on and on and on :) so yes, I definitely will keep you all posted!

Have a wonderful week with all exciting things there too ;)


Beth said...

Hi Mia,

Love the bag (especially the mix of the check with the felted bottom), but more importantly how exciting to be starting such an adventure! I know it'll be a great success and look forward to reading so over the coming weeks.


(PS, keep trying to leave comments on your blog with my wordpress ID but get error messages, so am hoping using my google account will work today instead)

Mia said...

Thank you, Beth! And I am so sorry for the commenting-problem :(

I had an another reader too last week having that problem (but with blogger!) - I am so sorry for the inconvenience! I have no idea what could cause that?

Let´s hope it´s only a temporary issue?

Have a wonderful day and many greetings from Finland again!


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