Carve, carve, carve away

There are many (and I mean many) things on my "I-wish-to-do" list. It´s not similar to those "clean the bathroom" or "paint the porch" sort of lists but more of an "I dream of trying these someday".

It feels wonderful to study that list time to time (it mostly happens when I am too tired to actually do anything) and dream on new experiences. Yesterday I surprised myself and actually tried something from my list:

I carved a rubber stamp! I have wanted to try that since last summer I received one wonderful piece of art from a lovely fellow flickrian, Maike. She assured me it´s not that difficult. Well, took me a year to take the plunge. It´s not that I wouldn´t have the equipments, no, I most definitely have knives enough for some more stamps still.

Yes, I know, I know that this little birdie-stamp of mine is not a piece of art, and I have no idea how someone could carve letters and other teeny bits (I would need a significantly larger eraser, maybe a bake tray-sized). But I like it, and even more important: I did it myself AND finished one thing off my list. Wonderful.


Kerry said...

That worked so well! Quite a collection of knives you have too! I might have to try this

Mia said...

Hi Kerry!

It wasn´t TOO difficult, and I would advise you to get a) larger b) harder eraser when you try this out :) Mine was small&quite soft so I didn´t carve that much but more of cut like butter ;) But it was fun! I´ll definitely try this again.

The knives were purchased (from Lidl?) some years ago when they were on sale and I thought I might use them some day - and I did ;)

Happy and sunny greeting from Finland!


Anonymous said...

More little birdies, of a different type this time!
Sweet. :)
Have a lovely weekend!
Vivienne x
(still anonymous!!!)

Mia said...

Sorry, Vivienne - I would help you if I only knew how!!! Everybody else seems to be able to comment with their names :(

Thank you so much for your nice comment and have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. Somewhere someone wrote that clearing the cookies (tools->clear cookies) helped with blogger problems, maybe that might help you also? Worth to try?

Jane said...

That looks great Mia, you could use your new birdie stamp on your cards? Even more of your HandmadebyMia skills on show!
Have a wonderful weekend, has it cooled down over there yet?
Love Jane x

Mia said...

Hi Jane,

And thank you, you always find the nicest things to say :)

It´s a bit cooler here, +25C outside only ;) so not that bad, we might even get some sleep tonight!

You too have a wonderful weekend!


Pam said...

Oh no! something else to add to my list of things to do!
Love the little birdy - I think I'm making up some fabric birdies for a market next Sunday.
P x

Mia said...

Hi Pam!

I am so happy others have THE LIST too, mine is quite long already :)

Please make some little birdies and share them with us - I would love to see yours! Happy sewing!


Anonymous said...

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