I have mentioned the renovation at our home so many times, that I am boring most of you already. But this time I am not moaning about it, I promise, as we're getting closer to finishing it. I am all exited about it now, and wanted to show you something.

When we moved into this old house (and it needed a lot of work) I hadn't never

a) lived in an old HOUSE before
b) done any renovation bigger than painting a wall.

I am not going to details (how it took longer, was harder and more expensive than expected) but I'll show you something I think helped me a lot. Before we moved in I was passionate of magazines of homes and decoration, gardens, furnishing in and out. I also had a huge collection of magazines I didn't want to take with me when we moved. So out my scissors and...

Click images to enlarge, please

I chose beautiful (read: dream) pictures of kitchens, living rooms, baths and bedrooms. I cut out color schemes, floors, cupboards, tiles... And clued them into a book. My dream-home book.

I do not have that pink Smeg yet (and I do not need that pink cow-shaped toast-grill any more) but otherwise many things from my book are now in my house. Not exactly the same, ofter a cheaper DIY-sort and thrifted, newly painted but still. I love my book and I love my house. And now I am back to those pages for bedrooms and studies...

Happy Tuesday!


Jane said...

How lovely Mia,your dream is gradually coming true.Such cool inspiration in your pictures. I'm glad to hear the work is progressing. Our project for this year has been the dining room but we have been stalled by our plasterer being on holiday, us being away etc etc. I really hope he comes soon as we are intending to be finished in time for our christmas entertaining! We can all dream.
Happy Tuesday, Love Jane x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Good to hear your work is progressing well Mia, I'm sure you can't wait to the prettying up bit!
I have such a pile of magazines too and it has always been my intention to go through them and take out the bits I want and put them into a book. Must get round to that!
Have a good day, another lovely day here ( 20 deg, can you believe it!)! :)
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Hi Jane,

My plan is to have everything ready by Christmas too :) We definitely need some new furniture also and some of it will be made there (like bookshelves etc.) to fit the tricky slope roof etc. so it will take time. But as long as we get walls, ceiling and flooring finished and we can take some of the stuff back up I'll be happy!

Have a great day and kiss to Billy!


Mia said...

Hello Viv,

I am only trying to buy magazines I really want to keep as I am finding so hard to part them ;) I buy some regularly like Country homes & interiors but I am definitely keeping them. Finnish magazines are...I am not saying bad but almost, there's none I would like to buy&keep, how sad is that? But I love clipping the pictures, it's great for a really rainy day!

And your weather, lucky you! It'd gray and rainy-ish here again... Thank goddess I have my Spanish lessons today to cheer me up!

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Mia, you have great taste, I love all that white. I did exactly the same thing when we started this house, made 'books' of my favourite room images and objects. I'm so glad to read you are nearly done, I know exactly what it's like renovating an old house, sadly we still have plenty to do, but have finally finished all the structural work, I just need a little energy to start on the decoration!


Mia said...

Thank you, Beth!

I loved the room you made and showed at your blog so your taste is great too :) We moved in this house almost five years ago and did the downstairs first. And now upstairs (and maybe some bathrooms but next spring) and THAT'S IT. I am not that good at living out of boxes really...

Happy decorating when ever you find the time, mood and energy!

Many greetings from Finland!


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