Red, hot and...

I have a bad back. That said I must confess that I am bad at taking care of it, too. I am tall, and have had problems with my lower back since childhood (nothing too serious, but growing worse over the years) and have had it really bothering me a few times over the last ten years. Mostly I have caused it myself by misusing my back (yes, you can definitely do that, lifting heavy items being the most popular way), and also slowly working out less and less. Sitting on a couch knitting/surfing the net/watching DVDs for hours doesn't help. Exorcising does tremendously, but getting it done regularly is an another matter.

I was in great shape when I was younger. I mean great shape physically, I am not just missing the young me (sometimes that too). I worked out more than regularly and my back didn't bother me at all (neither did those tight jeans). Then many things like family, very busy work, middle-age (almost) happened and the gym didn't. Just getting there after a busy day at work seemed very difficult.

Please ignore chairs, tools and other horribly messy items on background

I have had my own "gym" for a while, I live less than ten meters from my beloved machinery! It's nothing fancy (an underestimation of...), just a garage like room filled with unused furniture, tools and extra wheels for cars. But hey, it has two of my favorite machines: red1 and red2. That's all I need - bye bye back ache!

I know some of you keep fit by dancing, and some of you run - any other suggestions on feeling (and looking) hot this Tuesday?



Jane said...

Well Mia I can put on my professional hat to answer this! As you know, by profession, I am a physiotherapist and I have spent the last 28 years treating probably thousands of patients with back pain.

The MOST important thing with back pain is to recognise the importance of keeping fit and mobile. Yes your height is a disadvantage but there are plenty of tall people who do not suffer! You need regular breaks from your sewing/sitting...go out for a walk etc and gradually build up your fitness by whatever means YOU enjoy!
Also remember that the majority of back pain is benign and self limiting and the built in "fear" that is generated by society actually increases our pain levels unnecessarily!
We need to recognise that we still have the body of an animal which needs to keep agile all it's life. Human's have invented chairs,work,computers etc but it is such a recent invention that evolution would take thousands of years to catch up with this!

Well that's my usual 30 minute assessment put into a few sentances, never as good as examining anyone but gives a few ideas I hope?

Personally I keep fit by dancing (ballroom and latin) twice a week, I walk everywhere I possibly can rather than drive and I garden.

Now that I can take my physio hat off again can I wish you a wonderful Tuesday and make sure you take those breaks! :0)
Love Jane x

littlecottonbluebirds said...

Hi Mia, first of all no need to apologize for things in pics. Not important. Secondly, I was in a bad accident at 16 hit while walking. Indeed back is bad yet does not bother me here is why, I take fish oil everyday great for heart and joints, sleep on firm mattress, am always aware of how I sit, back only bothers me during creating, tip told by doc, take breaks if I feel a tad of pain or burn feeling in area, break time. I do stretch it everyday also. Ly on floor grab knee leaving one leg straight pull grabbed knee up to belly and hold. It really works, no pain here.

P.S. I'm not big on excersize except for creating. Tall girl here too.

Hugs, Dani

Mia said...

I was counting on your perfect advise, Jane! thank you so much - and I already knew most of that but my worst vice is NOT to take breaks often enough, i just go on and on and on and then when I stand up it's just...you know. And we're also paying great attention on height of the tables and chairs (I am thinking of a saddle chair, I tried it and loved it - what do you think?) on my new craft room too. Exercise helps so well, that when I am fit, my back doesn't bother at all. So there's only one way: red, hot and sweaty!

Happy Tuesday to you too!


Mia said...

Thanks, Dani!

Your advise was great, I also should pay attention how I sit (having a long back and shorter legs easily gets me to sag) and stretching, oh yes. I visited a physiotherapist (not Jane, unfortunately!) and he gave me excellent stretching advise, it's just me choosing knitting instead of stretching, shame on me ;)

Sunny Tuesday!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well Mia I think you have all the advice you need from Jane she has certainly made me think about what I do and don't do! We all want to take the easy way out although it's not always the easy way in the end! Personally I don't really do gyms but I do walk a lot and I love my garden so hopefully I'm doing enough!!
Hopefully your back won't give you too much trouble today!
Vivienne x

Jane said...

Hi again Mia, I hope you don't mind me commenting again!!
Re the saddle chair, if you have tried one and loved it then I would suggest that would be a very useful piece of furniture in your new studio. Your furniture heights are important particularly as you are a tall girl but even the best furniture does not substitute for those regular breaks.
Now that you are a handmadebymia girl you should regard yourself as your employer and make sure you apply the time out/different tasks,lunch time breaks etc just as someone would have to do if you worked for them.
I'm off out for the day but will pop back later if you have any other niggling questions...I do hope you don't think I'm being bossy but I am passionate about my work (as well as my crafting). I think us physios tend to have quite a zing for life ;0)
One other interesting fact is the other reason exercise is so helpful is that you release hormones called endorphins when you exercise and they not only make you "feel good" but they are our natural pain killers produced by our body.
Have a mobile and hopefully less painful day Mia! Love Jane x

Mia said...

Hi Viv,

I am great today, as I have already visited my reds this morning for 45mins :) and also had great advise from Jane! I think I just need to have a breaks every now and then and keep in mind that even I work from home, I need to have a proper lunch-hour and breath some fresh air too! I am big fan of gym, and the weather here being what it is it's really convenient too!

Happy day!


Mia said...

Thank you, Jane,

You're the greatest! Thank you so much for helping me with this, which especially now me being my own boss, is going to be a very important thing in my life (and well-being!). I will definitely make a mental mark to take my breaks (coffee-, lunch- and net-breaks ;) too) regularly.

And no, you're not too bossy, if I was in England, I would have knocked your door months ago :)


periwinkle said...

I've just started going on the Wii fit again , 30 minutes and I was a sweaty wreck ... it's fun and the boys join in too

Mia said...

Sounds like fun! I have never tried Wii fit, but know many love it - and I am sweating and red-faced after 30mins too... ;)

Happy greetings from Finland!


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