Colors, colors everywhere

Autumn can be colorful, beautiful and sunny, but it also can be gray, gloomy and oh so not-colorful too. So what do we need?

We need pretty birdies, bright colors and little, mysterious mushrooms.

Colorful flowers (not only inside in vases) to grab when going out to brighten any outfit.

Happy and smiling bees to make us happy and smile? Definitely yes.

Colorful week!


Jane said...

I love the toadstall tweet Mia, perfect for an autumn day. Happy October! It's actually not raining as we speak but has been a dreadfully wet weekend. Sunshine to you..:0)
Love Jane x

Mia said...

Thank you Jane,

It's gray and not-shining here too this morning. Happy week beginning still :)


Pam said...

Happy Monday morning Mia. Today feels so unbelievably good; not too sure why, but I know that seeing those colourful bags and pouches definitely help.
Have a great week and continue to make your own sunshine and colours.
P x

Anonymous said...

Great colours Mia!
I'm definitely going for the colourful,beautiful and sunny option!
We've had a beautiful weekend and today is so sunny and bright! It's great! :)
Vivienne x

trixi said...

I love your autumn colours...and your birdies seem as happy as ever...you have been very busy...hope you have a happy and sunny week!

Christine said...

I'm so happy the yellow pouch is mine, I can't wait to get it. Thank you Mia, happy Monday!

Mia said...

Hi again, Pam!

I am so happy your week has started good! I am also quite happy, I wish our weeks continue like this :)


Mia said...

It's wonderful to hear, Viv, that your weekend (and a start for this new week) was sunny! It just makes everything so much better :)

Happy thoughts from Finland!


Mia said...

Thank you, Trixi!

The birdies really seem happy, and I think those colors cannot leave anyone feeling down?

Sunshine to your week too!


Mia said...

Welcome to my blog, Christine!

I wish the birdies travel very fast to cheer your days up :)

Many happy greetings from Finland!


littlecottonbluebirds said...

Ohmygoodness, these are gorgeous! How do you find the time to make so many? You can really tell you love what you do.

Still a bit cool here today rain tappered off early morning.

Happy creating! Hugs Dani

Mia said...

Hi Dani,

Thank you for your nicest comment! I love knitting and felting and do absolutely nothing else during days ;)

I love you new birdies at your shop, the creamy-white with pearls is lovely!

Happy creating from sunny Finland!


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