The real tweet

I showed a bit of this birdie-bag the other day already and here it is now! And an another bag too, in dark gray with a yellow tweet.

I haven't done that much needle felting with real animals (hello Billy-dear!) so I was again a bit worried when I started. I do not know birds either (mine are sort of fantasy-birdies) but once I got started...

...they just came together quite pretty. Or what do you think?

Tweet, tweet!

Yesterday's horrible (or wonderful, it's all up to you) pictures are now memories only, we had some rain and the snow is gone. The weather is cold and gray though, and we'll definitely getting some more soon. So it's good to have something to keep me indoors and busy. Yes, you got it right: more birdies coming up!

Happy Thursday!


Outi / White Country said...

Sweet tweeters!

Jane said...

Good morning Mia they are real beauties, golden fantasy parrots, you are so very talented.
I am having "a real treat ;0)" today for my day off as I am meeting my Mum up at Harrod's for lunch and shopping. So I must "fly" as I have a train to catch!
Happy Thursday, I am sad your snow has gone but I am sure there will be plenty more for me to enjoy.
Love Jane x

Mia said...

Thank you Outi!

Happy Thursday!


Mia said...

Good morning, Jane!

Enjoy your day with your mom, it's sounds wonderful with that Harrod's lunch and all - I'm just a teeny bit jealous ;)

It's very cold here today also and the rain comes down as sleet, so in no time we'll have that snow back. If only I had the time to rake the yard (time, yeah right, I only I got myself to do it!)!

Happy day off!


Anonymous said...

Mia your new little birds are great, so life-like!
I'm knitting in grey at the moment too, must be the time of year.
Sun is peeping out here, hope it makes it and I hope that horrible white stuff stays away from you!!
Have a good day!
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Hi Viv,

And thank you! We're having gray day again (and rain) so I'm only dreaming the sunshine :( Please enjoy yours, and happy Thursday!


LaBelle said...

i love those little bags, they are so beautiful. Well done Mia.

Mia said...

Thank you so much, LaBelle!

So great to have you visiting me here, happy week!


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