Today was gonna be the day

What's up in your neighborhood?


Jane said...

Oh wow Mia,snow! It must mean that C is just around the corner...yipee!
Actually we have been having the hottest autumn days here and yesterday was glorious, my garden reached 21oc in the afternoon! I am still picking runner beads. However it is much chillier this morning, the heating has even kicked in so I think that our weather is cooling now too.
Enjoy your 1st footsteps in the snow. Happy Wednesday, I am now going off to work.
Love Jane x

Anonymous said...

Oh No Mia, not snow!!!!
Unlike Jane that would be my worst nightmare so early in the season. It's amazing that your weather has gone from soooo hot to this in such a short space of time!
It's foggy here this morning but we're waiting for the sun to break through!
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Hi Jane,

Yes, it's snow! I think it's not gonna stay yet but there are parts of Finland (and not Lapland!)where it has snowed really heavy and it's still on. I think we'll have a real snow in November, and I need still some time to wipe those leaves off :)

Happy Wednesday!


Mia said...

Hi Viv,

I almost e-mailed you before posting these pictures so you would not have too much of a shock :) But as I said to Jane, this is not going to last so do not worry ;) - but they've estimated that we'll get a very heavy winter as the summer was so hot. I am NOT looking forward to that.

You enjoy your pretty autumn days!


Karen said...

What beautiful pictures Mia. Very warm and sunny here in the south-east of England. I love snow but not just yet - preferably on Christmas Eve when everything is ready for the big day. Karen X

Mia said...

Hi Karen,

I totally agree with you that we do not need snow just yet! It actually was gone already with some rain... I would be happy with snow-for-Christmas only -plan but I'm afraid that will not happen, it's very cold here today too.

Have a happy Thursday and enjoy your pretty weather!


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