Time-machine needed

I have many things to do this week still and what!! is it Thursday again? I am absolutely certain, that time keeps going faster and faster every week. It was weekend just minutes ago, and I made so many plans for this week. Have I accomplished all? Not quite yet but hey, it's only Thursday morning.

I have been too busy to take any pictures, and it gets really dark here sooner and sooner. I think after 4P.M. it's almost pitch black. So there really are a few hours during the day when the outside pictures should be taken. Those also are the hours when I'm usually working hardest and am hesitant to go outside as it's hard to get myself back on working-track after pretty sunshine (read: some light outside). So here are some pictures from last Sunday, they must do for now.

I am off to work now (and cut the blabbering here) - happy Thursday!


Jane said...

It's scarey where this year is racing away to Mia, November is next week and of course then time for "C" (small yelp of excitement here but still worried how time is flying!)
Lovely bird bags, very clever felting. It's a non work day for me so I need to get on with making my orders from my recent jewellery party.Busy,busy,busy....;0)
Happy Thursday!
Love Jane x

Mia said...

Busy, busy, busy here too, Jane!

I'll be soon starting to gather my December-crafts post together - it's C soooooon, yippee!

Happy jewelry-making, dear friend!


Anonymous said...

Oh Mia these little birdies are brilliant, look at their perfect little faces!
Enjoy the rest of Thursday, tomorrows Friday, ALREADY!!!!
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Thank you, Viv!

I am so happy for Friday, my aunting day! Happy weekend soon :)


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