Wooling good

Oh, I had the greatest weekend! It all began on Friday morning already, when we started our journey to get some new wool. And some I did get, I'll show them to you better a bit later. Just a hint that there are more than 100 skeins of it and we need a new shelving system to them. Ahem, I also visited a craft show (exhibition? fair?) and it was so great. So much better than last year (when everyone was worried about the recession) and all the selling spots were full of beautiful things and smiling people.

I spent a significant amount on wool the day before, so I couldn't be lavishing but I found pretty little things that didn't break the bank. I had some pretty ribbons and some vintage buttons (love, love, love the pink ones!) and also the most beautiful papers, ribbons and stickers for Christmas cards. Those are at my sisters so no picture yet, but later for sure. Loved every minute of that fair!

I also finished a custom order that I had to postpone due to my illness, and that made me happy too. I'll be shipping it out tomorrow and hey-ho, now I am starting the other orders I had pending. How great is that?

The most wonderful Monday and week beginning to you all!



periwinkle said...

100 skeins wow -- I've been told by hub that I am not allowed to bring anymore wool into the house lol. I tried to sneak in 2 balls the other day and he sussed me immediately -- think I'll have to use some of my stash first. I stocked up on Rowan when Kemps had it on sale ... maybe I should try and take some stash photos !!

Mia said...

Hi Lisa,

Let's do it, let's reveal our stashes! I know they might be big-gish ;) but oh so admired by us crafter-readers! I'll be posting about mine later when I find a proper space for them.

Happy week!


Anonymous said...

Well you certainly sound a lot better Mia! Nothing like a spot of retail therapy to cheer a girl up!
Look at all that yummy yarn and your little buttons are so cute.
I'm not so sure about revealing our stashes that all sounds a bit scary!!!! lol
Have a great week!
Vivienne x

Mia said...

:) I know, Viv, I know, we might need to gather some courage for a while before...

...I am feeling wonderful and I wish you the sunniest and most beautiful Monday!


Jane said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better Mia even though your bank balance is not! I love craft fairs/shows too.
It was a gloriously sunny, albeit cold, weekend here and we were able to get out in the garden on Sunday. I had a really successful jewellery party on Saturday...more money to buy beads to add to my bead stash!
Happy Monday,
Love Jane x

Mia said...

Hi Jane,

I am so happy your jewelry-party was success (I am not surprised, though, your pieces are gorgeous!) and I am sure many other than myself too are planning to stuff their Christmas stockings with your beautiful creations!

Have a wonderful week!


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