From the magpie's nest

I cannot make jewelry (like talented Jane) but I love everything sparkly, colorful and pretty. So I keep buying cheap beads and even bracelets, necklaces and other pieces from thriftstores because the beads are so pretty. I am a true magpie.

I have been storing these plastic and glass beads for quite some time and just had an idea how to use them with birds! But of course. I made little tweets from tweed, needle felted eyes and wings plus added the matching beaks. Then I had the greatest time choosing the beads to go with birdie - and these ones were born!

And I just found the way to use them immediately, too:

Happy Thursday!


Jane said...

Good morning Mia,

What wonderful bright birdies - how they sparkle with their beads..you could put them on your Christmas tree too - Christmas Tweets. I love them, they really made me smile this morning.

Thank you for your very kind words about my jewellery.....I too am a true magpie for new beads, they just shout "buy me"!!I am putting a Christmas beads/jewellery post on my blog early next week so you can see more of my sparkles there.

I have one last day with my daughter today..it's been wonderful, lots of retail therapy too ;0)

Happy Thursday dear Mia and have a great weekend,
Love Jane x

Pam said...

What sweet birdies Mia and so perfect as decorations - either on trees, as Jane said, or parcels - but I think I'd have to have one dangling from my bag just to be able to see him all day.
Have a lovely warm day,
P x

Anonymous said...

Hi Mia
What little cuties. I love them! You could use them for lots of different things, they're so sweet. You do love your birdies, don't you!
Happy Thursday (Thursday!!!!)
Vivienne x

Helen Philipps said...

Lovely little birds, Mia! And what a great idea to include beads - so sparkly. I also loved seeing your star light in the last post - the lights in other peoples' windows always look so welcoming in the darkness of winter.
Have a lovely day. Helen x

Mia said...

Hi Jane,

I am looking forward to seeing your Christmas-jewelry post, I have a few pieces myself I love! I am sure your collection is be magnificent!

I am so happy that you got you spent some time with your daughter, it's the best therapy for gray days (and shopping, too!).

Happy Thursday - almost weekend again!


Mia said...

Thank you, Pam!

Little tweets send their happy greetings to you and wish you a great day :)


Mia said...

Thanks Viv,

I know, it's Thursday again!!! Seems like last Thu was yesterday or so, Christmas is here in a minute with this speed :)

Happiest and snowiest greetings!


Mia said...

Hi Helen,

Thanks for birdie-like!

And the star is my current favorite (both of them!) and I am so happy you liked it too!

Happy-almost-weekend :)!


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