A star is born

My new light. Makes the whole room feel so cozy, and hides the uninstalled window handles and boxes in the corners. Brings holiday spirit to whole house. Lovely.

Bright Wednesday!

P.S. My star came from here, and it was so cheap and has brought so much joy already, that after my visit to dentist's (huh) today I'm going to get an another. There just can't be too many stars around the house, right?


Jane said...

That looks fab Mia and so cosy. There is a Clas Ohlsen shop in a shopping centre near us...it's also great for my jewellery stash storage boxes.
You can never have enough stars Mia....each one brings some light to the darkness.
Happy Wednesday to you too. I am loving having my daughter staying this week, we are off to Westfield in London, a huge shopping centre for some Christmas shopping...and lunch of course.
Love Jane x

Mia said...

Thank you, Jane, I like it too (and now I have two!) and the light is just so beautiful.

I wish you the greatest time with your daughter and hope the mailman brings the important mail from here soon :)


Anonymous said...

What a pretty star Mia, gorgeous!
Hope the dentist went ok!
Best wishes,
Vivienne x

Mia said...

It did, Viv, after a first shocking minutes I always have when I go (and my dentist knows so he just chats and tells bad jokes!) - I am making a certain set of little snowmen as we speak :)

Happiest day!


Anne said...

What a nice star!! Just right for winter and Christmas.
Good luck with the dentist.
Happy week and Wednesday to you!

Anne at PlumCreek

Mia said...

Hi Anne,

I made from dentists (yippee!) and bought an another star - it's as lovely as the first.

I'll talk to you soon about the December-Christmas-blogging thing - happy Thursday!


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