Me ♥ pink

There are very few yet very pretty leaves left on trees or bushes in our yard. That means quite literally that they're all on the ground, and some urgent raking was in order when the snow disappeared.

Can you guess which rake is mine? The picture does not do justice to my pretty-in-pink one by Fiskars (and I have this set too) - the pink products are not only my favorites but they also raise money for breast-cancer research. I love my pink rake, it makes the dull job so much more fun.

"How about we shared this job by color?" I said to my fellow rake-holder and continued: "I mean you know my condition of matchy-matchy so I would love to take care of the pink leaves and you, with your ochre would go after oranges, browns, even some greens...?"


But still, I just love how it matches.

Happy Tuesday - and hopefully some outdoor activities, too!


Anonymous said...

Mia your leaf pictures are so pretty! :)
That would make a lovely fabric print!
Have a great Tuesday whatever outdoorsy activity you get up to.
Vivienne x

Helen Philipps said...

Your post made me smile! Such beautiful leaf colours and I love the pink rake - it would make me enjoy raking the leaves so much more if I had a pink rake too!
Helen x

Jane said...

I know just how much you love pink Mia - you made me smile this morning reading your post! Now what I want to know is how do you do that heart sign thingy where it says I "love" pink....I see other people use it but cannot see that sign on my keyboard...LOL!

Hope you have a pink day, it's rather mild here and yes the trees look so pretty..but none of mine are pink, are you sure you did not dye those leaves...;0)

Love Jane x

Mia said...

Thank you, Viv! I found those under my rose-bushes, and it almost was a shame to take them off :)

I have been mostly indoors today except spent an hour playing with my nephew.

Have a great week!


Mia said...

Hi Helen,

And I am so happy I made you smile! I love all things pink and your quilt (at your blog) is so ME Loved it!

Happy week and thank you so much for your visit!


Mia said...

Hi Jane,

You know my LITTLE secret love-affair with pink so well ;) And that heart...I am so shamed to say that I saw that somewhere (at my flickr account someone used it) and I just copied and pasted it here *blush* so I cannot make one of my own. My Sister's husband is a computer-wizard (for real), I'll ask him a bit later and let you know!

Happy week!


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