Lined with love

I think most of you, my dear readers, know that I re-use fabrics a lot. My tweeds are all recycled (jackets, skirts, some pants) and I line my felted bags with reused cotton too. And how many different ones there are! Flowered ex-table clothes, plaid curtains (makes you wonder the rest of that room's deco), rosy-pillowcases...

And then there are the birdie-ones! They are a bit more rare to find than flowers, but when I see one, I'll get it for sure. There's always some room (read: a bag) for birdie fabric in this house.

Then last but not least there are the vintage-ones. I am not absolutely sure what vintage really is (maybe everyone can make their own definition?) but for me those are fabrics from 70s and 80s at least. Hard to cut sometimes, but they make the prettiest linings. And I keep telling myself it's better to use them to someone's cherished bag than keep them in my shelf. And I must confess that there might still be some fabrics left uncut in my stash too, but not too many. Can there never be?

Happy Wednesday!


Jane said...

I love the fact that your linings had another life Mia..also the buzz word here appears to be calling it upcycling not recycling, now that sound like a cool word!You have a lovely stash of fabric and you well know that I have many hidden treasures in my bead stash so I quite understand you holding some back!
Time to go to work for me..have a great day,
Love Jane x

Mia said...

Hi Jane,

I am not absolutely sure of the correct word ,) as we here call it "kierr├Ątys" witch means something not tossed but given a new life, something definitely used, not a new material from fabric-factory leftover for example (which some are using quite cleverly, too). I think there are so many pretty old fabrics out there to be used that there's no point of buying them new :)

I am sure your stash is quite something, Jane :)

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

You have some lovely fabrics there Mia especially the birdies!!
I remember the '70's fabrics quite well, first hand actually!! When I think of all those bright pillow cases etc. we had when I was growing up and wonder where they all went too!
I understand only too well about holding on to things and not wanting to use them as you can see from my blog today!!!!
Have a lovely day!
Vivienne x

Anne said...

I love the fabric you use for the linings. How wonderful to give a bit of fabric a "new" life. My family loves birds, nice to see so many birdy fabrics.

Happy Wednesday, Mia,

Anne at PlumCreek22

Mia said...

Hi Viv,

I remember 70s fabrics mainly from the pictures where me and my sis stand with too tight ponytails and yellow-brown-green striped terrycloth overalls :) but I love them still!

Your wool stash is WON-DER-FUL, Viv!!!


Mia said...

Hi Anne,

I love that idea of mew life too, and bird-fabrics are my favorites but quite hard to find. But when found, it's always the greatest feeling!

Have a happy week and greetings to your family too!


periwinkle said...

I never realised your fabrics were all recycled , good for you . I'll keep an eye out for birdie ones :-)

Mia said...

Yes, Lisa, they are!

I started making shopping bags and gift bags with re-used fabrics and never changed back to new. And ah, the birdie ones...so hard to find!

Have a great weekend!


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