Secrets revealed

I am just about to run off to enjoy my aunting-day, and after that to spend a wonderful, work-free weekend, but I still wanted to show you what I got for myself. I think I've mentioned I love Agatha Christie-books (especially Poirot-series) and cherish the stories on DVD's also. When I saw an ad of the Agatha Christie´s secret notebooks, I knew I had to have it. New books are quite expensive (especially when translated in Finnish, the English version would have been a quite bit cheaper) but a must have for a Agatha-fan. And there are two unpublished Poirot stories there too; I am in heaven!

Mysteriously wonderful weekend!


Jane said...

And a great one to you Mia, enjoy your mini break.Friday again...I'm off to work.
See you next week,
Love Jane x

Mia said...

Have a wonderful weekend, too, Jane!

And kisses to Billy too!


Anonymous said...

Have a really lovely weekend Mia and enjoy your book!
See you next week (where do the weeks go to??)! :)
Vivienne x

Mia said...

I know, Viv, it's so hectic these days!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday!


Helen Philipps said...

I'm a fan of Agatha Christie too - and I love to read about her life as much as her fiction, such an interesting person.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Helen x

Mia said...

Hi Helen,

The books is brilliant as I love to read the writer's ideas and thoughts of the books I so much like (and have read many times). I am only in page 69(of 490 or so) but I highly recommend this to any Christie-fan!

Happy weekend to you too!


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