Feeling the weekend already

I know, I know, I keep making same things over and over - I made the "real birds" on felted wool and naturally next step was the tweed. It worked quite well, and the little blue tweet is quite cheerful (yet it looks a bit cocky -or is it just me?).

I have many things to do today, and some parcels to send out and *add an ugly word here* some of our postmen are on strike, so I am a bit (a lot) worried of those. I know they have hard times and they are doing this for a good cause but still, please get back to work soon!

This weekend (on Saturday) we have a holiday too, the shops are closed and families gather together for a dinner. It's not a Halloween-sort of party, more of a family-home-oriented day. I have decided to have a free weekend, I haven't had one since...If my illness a while ago does not count, I haven't had one in ages. So I am going to enjoy this so much.

I try my best not to get into a holiday mood tomorrow already and post but just in case:

Happy weekend everyone!


Kerry said...

I love your bird, very realistic. You don't have to rush my parcel, I don't need it til Christmas, no hurry, so send it when you are happy with the post again. HAve a lovely holiday weekend and a time to really enjoy family and food

Jane said...

They are really classy bags Mia, beautiful work....did you know that tweed is coming back (or so I read in the paper so it must be true-LOL).
Enjoy your family weekend, it sounds a great way to get together. I am doing a precious metal clay course on Sunday...should be fun!
See you next week,
Love, Jane x

Anonymous said...

That little bird looks so real! Have you ever painted, you definitely have an artist's eye?
That sounds like fun at the weekend, you relax and have some fun!
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Hi Kerry,

Thank you for birdie-love! I try my best to get yours done today and ship it tomorrow but I'll let you know :)

Have a wonderful weekend too!


Mia said...

Hi Jane,

I know, tweed is quite big here too in magazines etc. so I was ahead on fashion once in my life ;)

I'll enjoy my weekend greatly and you have a wonderful course, and please share some pictures later?


Mia said...

Hello Viv,

No, I haven't painted in my life (in school etc. but not for real) but when I was younger, I used to draw all the time. I would love to try sometime though, but the time...precious time... maybe when I have retired :) ?

Have a wonderful weekend soon!


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