December 11th

** Welcome to my little Christmas blog! Here you'll find something Christmassy every single day until the big celebration on 25th of December! Some of the things I have created myself and some have been made by you, my dearest readers!
Thank you and the Happiest Holidays!**


When Christmas gets closer, life can get hectic, and the to-do-list longer and longer. It's time to slow down a bit, and find time to admire the beautiful things around you, take a deep breath and enjoy
this moment.

You'll need:

a moment for yourse
(optional: a flower to smell,
a gingerbread to taste,
a pretty magazine to look

So how about if...

...instead of cleaning today you would light the Christmas lights only?

...instead of making the gingerbread dough from the scratch you would let someone else make it for you (thus use ready made)?

...instead of making that complicated gingerbread ho
you would make simple hearts to be eaten
right now?

...instead of trying to make them perfect you would make them irresistible?

...instead of doing the dishes you would enjoy them right now?

Happy December 11th!



Anonymous said...

That all sounds like a very good idea!
Happy weekend Mia! :)
Vivienne x

Jane said...

That's perfect Mia and yes I even have some shop bought puff pastry to make some mince pies for Martin and I when we sit down this evening. Our tree is decorated and lit and is SO pretty we are just staying in today and feeling festive.
Have a restful Saturday,
Love Jane x

Anne said...

Ahhh, I love this post and your good words, Mia. I know this is a busy time. I had a quiet Friday here and feel much better today.

Happy weekend to all of you----

Mia said...

Hi Viv,

I just felt I needed the to slow down a bit myself, and believe me, those gingerbread hearts were delicious, there are only few left!

Happy weekend!


Mia said...

Hello Jane,

Mince pies sound lovely, and a lit tree...oh. And your loveliest :) news - I think this will be the best Saturday ever!

Many happy greetings from Finland!


Mia said...

Hello Anne,

i was just so stressed out yesterday that I needed a little break, I sat down for a while doing nothing and had a nice gingerbread hearts with some mullet wine and I'm feeling wonderful again!

I wish you rush-free weekend and warm greetings to all of you from very cold Finland!


Helen Philipps said...

Such delightful, life-enhancing thoughts, Mia! I'm a great believer in doing what you feel like if at all possible (or going with the flow) and it makes you feel restored to tackle all the tasks if you have a bit of quiet time to yourself.
Happy Saturday. Helen x

littlecottonbluebirds said...

Instead of being in the moment, thinking of others, and being polite only during the Holidays, How about all year around? Life is about being present in every moment throughout the year, being truthful, caring, HONEST, helpful and giving, it goes by way to quickly, people we love disappear way to fast....

Mia said...

Thank you, Helen!

And I agree with you with that "do what you feel" is good for you, and a flow is a wonderful feeling especially when crafting!

Happy Sunday!


Mia said...

You're so right, Dani! We should actually live our lives like it was Christmas every day :)

Happy new week soon!


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