December 10th

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Thank you and the Happiest Holidays!**

R 10th

It's funny how old things, those you've seen many, many times suddenly give you an idea for something new. I've never been a huge fan of those paper-garlands with figures holding hands (dancing elves for instance) but the idea of those just didn't leave me alone. I started to think something simple and easy to decorate an empty window (yes, there still was one!).

All you need:

paper (mine's regular white printing paper)
(tape if you're putting the figures into window, doubl
e-sided is great)

Fold the A4 paper in two and cut it half. I managed with scissors this time but if you make many, a paper cutter will be an easy option to cut many papers at the same time.

Fold the "half" still once from the middle and still twice so that you'll end up with "M" or "W" shaped of paper.

Now the paper is ready for drawing a wanted figure into it.
I draw mine to the paper which can be opened like a book,
the folds were on my left hand side.
I chose a simple bird, but snowman or Christmas tree
or a heart would be pretty too.
When yo
u design your figure, it's important to remember, that the design needs to be attached to both edges of the paper
in order to figures "hold hands" or in my case beaks and tails.
This is very important when cutting too,
otherwise you'll end with four pretty yet individual birds!

I draw some "snow" and left the down-part straight as I had a window in mind.
The design could be much more decorative!

Cut, cut, cut away - and be careful not to cut the edges (see my birds beak and tail)! After cutting one you can use it to draw the others, so you'll end up similar designs if you wanted to put them
one after another like the little birdies in my window.
Then you can open the folds - and you should end up with four figures attached to each other! It's a miracle of paper crafts I say!

Then it's time to decorate!
My birdies are kissing happily in
our bedroom window!

Happy December 10th!



Jane said...

Mia the simplest ideas are just the best...that is fab, your design is so you...I think pigs may come to mind for me? Thanks for sharing a really great Christmas craft today.

Happy Friday, I'm dashing off to work now.
Love Jane x

Jill said...

Very simple and very effective - I love your little bird garland. I don't think I've made one since junior school - thanks for reminding me how much fun you can have with it and let your imagination flow.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.
Jill x

Helen Philipps said...

What a lovely, simple idea! The little birdies bring an old craft right up to date. They look wonderful against the window! Thanks for another inspiring post.
Enjoy your day. Helen x

do you mind if i knit said...

Aren't the birdies fabulous! The simplicity of them is beautiful, thank you for the tutorial. Vanessa xxx

Mia said...

Hi Jane,

I thought you might love a piggy-garland, maybe in pink too ;)

Happy Friday and very festive weekend, we'll be making our Christmas cards tomorrow (me+sis)!


Mia said...

Hi Jill,

I think I've made those elf-garlands 25 years ago or so ;) so it was definitely time for update!

Lovely weekend to you too from snow-storming Finland!


Mia said...

Hello Helen,

I like my little birdies too, and they made me smile as I saw them from outside too! And so quick and easy to make!

Happy, crafty and cozy weekend!


Mia said...

Hi Vanessa,

And lovely to have you visiting me here! I hope you've enjoyed my Christmas-posts so far! And how happy I am to create these little things for you all to enjoy!

Have the happiest weekend and many snowy greetings from Finland!


Anonymous said...

They're lovely Mia and soooo you!!
It's years since I've made anything like this, thanks for the reminder!
We've had a bit of a thaw here, thank goodness!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!! :)
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Hi Viv,

I am so happy to bring you some memories from the crafts from...let's say a few years ago ;)

Today is very stormy and freezing wind blows and more and more snow keeps coming...huh. I am so happy yours is a bit better, maybe a snowman will appear to your yard?

Have a greatest weekend!


Sarah said...

What a lovely idea - and so simple the kids can make them!

Mia said...

Hi Sarah,

Wonderful to have you visiting my blog!

And yes, these can definitely be made with kids, the ones they draw themselves would be adorable too!

Have a great weekend and snowy greetings from Finland!


Kerry said...

This is perfect!

Mia said...

Oh thank you so much, Kerry!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anne said...

This looks fun (I am not crazy about those elf paper cut-outs either). I'll try this on Sunday.

Happy weekend,


Mia said...

Hello Anne,

These are lovely and easy (and quick!) way to decorate, and could be made from red or any colored paper!

Happy crafting!


periwinkle said...

loving your Christmas posts, but I think this one is my fave so far

Mia said...

Thank you, Lisa!

I am so happy you have enjoyed my Christmas-posts so far, and there are yet some to come, welcome!

Happy week!


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