December 4th

** Welcome to my little Christmas blog! Here you'll find something Christmassy every single day until the big celebration on 25th of December! Some of the things I have created myself and some have been made by you, my dearest readers!
Thank you and the Happiest Holidays!**


The very best crafts are the ones that you can make after a workday or very first thing in the morning, without doing a lot of shopping for this and that. The best crafts have all the ingredients in your home already,
and suddenly when you put the a few things together, you have created something beautiful to make you smile and bring you some Holiday Spirits!
And the best of all: these crafts can be made with young and old!

My dear friend Anne from Plumcreek22 sent me this wonderful Mini Snowglobe idea, and I fell in love with it immediately. Anne told me, that she had seen it in a magazine first some years back, and wanted to share it with us. Anne makes the most beautiful hairpins and jewelry herself, and chose some adorable Polish and Russian doll-figurines to her jars this time.

You'll need

A glass jar (any size, Anne's were from 7,5cm/3" to 12,5cm/5" )
Some salt ( Anne used coarse, for example Epsom salt, but mine has
regular table salt - it works too!
Christmas figurines of your choice

Put about 2,5cm/1" of salt in the jar, and place your the figurine(s) in the center.

Pictures: Anne

You can close the lid or leave it open, and my table salt-globe needed a tiny shake so it settled like a real, beautiful snow - but do not shake the finished jar like these globes

Pictures: Anne

And you're done! It just can't get easier than that, and you can create different scenery globes with different figurines.
With my first globe I chose quite traditional things: a birdie and some toadstools. And I love it!

Thank you so much, Anne!

Happy December 4th!



Anonymous said...

What a great idea! So simply done as well.:)
I love your toadstools, so cute!!
Have a lovely Saturday, I'm off Christmas shopping, again!!
Vivienne x

Jane said...

Good morning Mia, a very apt craft for today with all the snow we still have around here, thank you for sharing. The view out of your window looks very much like mine. We have been to choose our Christmas tree today but cannot get it delivered until Monday so we will have to start decorating it in the week. Have a great weekend.
Love Jane x

Mia said...

Thanks, Viv,

I love the simply birds&toadstools too, I actually made one decoration for a bigger bowl too!

I just came after hours of shopping, huh, but almost all has done now! I hope yours was successful too :)

Happy Saturday!


Mia said...

Hi Jane,

I am so happy to hear that you've chosen your tree already and can start decorating it soon! Here we take the tree in very late, usually 22nd and decorate it 23rd so I love the idea of having the tree around almost whole December! I was planning to have a small one upstairs too, that could come in earlier...

Happy weekend and great news about Milly&Tom!


Helen Philipps said...

What a lovely idea, I must make one of these! And it could be a way to use some little toadstools I bought earlier this year too. Thank you for the inspiration! Have a lovely weekend. Helen x

Mia said...

I loved this idea for its simplicity, and these are so quick and easy to make! I'll be making one in blue&white for our Independence Day Dec. 6th too.

You too, Helen, have the happiest weekend!


Anne said...

Thank you Mia!! The post turned out well. I hope your readers are inspired to try something new.
Have a wonderful weekend and Independence Day!

Thanks again,

Mia said...

Thank YOU, Anne, for this great idea and the pictures!

Have a wonderful weekend and many greetings to you and the family!


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