December 3rd

** Welcome to my little Christmas blog! Here you'll find something Christmassy every single day until the big celebration on 25th of December! Some of the things I have created myself and some have been made by you, my dearest readers!
Thank you and the Happiest Holidays!**


When you are a Christmas person, you want everyone to know that, right? And you want to show that too by wearing Christmas jewelry and clothing.
How about outside, when thick winter coats and
are hiding the pretty things?
I wanted to crea
te something for outside too,
and not only for Christmas-time but also for winter, and
to make you and
everyone who sees you
happy and smiling!

So you'll need:

A scarf (can be new or old or you can knit one for this project or you
can just use fleece-fabric to make one quic
wool for needle felting (white, black, orange and
little bit for a scarf, any color you like)
needle felting needle
needle felting base
sewing needle


I found this pretty striped wool-angora scarf from a local thrift-shop, washed it and ironed gently so it's not felted but it became just a bit thicker.

To needle felt a snowman you need some white w
ool. Start by placing the brushy-felting base underneath the scarf and start poking the wool
(I used my 5-needle felting tool to get
After the snowman starts to get his shape, you need to secure and finish all the sides and poke the guy all over to make him sturdy and durable (and pretty!).
I use a single-needle for this step.

The little snowman needs a scarf! I chose some pretty blue wool and
used my single-needle to make it.
My guys scarf is quite long and the ends are flying with the wind too!

Then it's time to start choosing the eyes and and
the buttons for the snowman's belly.
The eyes can really change the look of the little face,
so I think I still need to re-think these...

Once you've settled for pretty/funny/playful whatever look you wish for your snowman it's time to needle felt the coal-mouth, the carrot-nose and finally sew all the buttons in place. My buttons went a bit on the left side but hey! this is a handmade and unique piece!

Then you just need to sew the arms and you're done! I used some embroidery threads to sew the buttons and arms, but you can use wool yarn or cotton, what you have in stock, really.

Happy little scarf is ready (and the bag can be found in my shop)!

I am giving away this happy little snowman scarf! All you need to do is leave a comment to this my 3.12.2010 blog-post
and it would be lovely to hear

What is your favorite Christmas figure?

I will draw the winner on Tuesday, 7th of December 2010,
and ship the scarf soon after that to its new owner!
And again, when you're leaving a comment, please make sure, that
your name or link to your blog is there,
so the winner can be find easily!
And I will not be replying to your comments today, so it's all yours, friends!

Happy 3rd December!


P.S. If you're not familiar with needle felting,
you can make the scarf with felt fabric!
Just cut the snowman from white felt and sew it into scarf.
You can sew the coal-mouth too, or use tiny black buttons.
Quick and fun!


periwinkle said...

morning , it's -10 here at the mo so I could do with a lovely new scarf. As for my fave Christmas figure I really don't know I think I like them all - hmmm, maybe the robin redbreast

Unknown said...

What a cheery scarf. Needle felting looks like great fun. I'm very tempted to give this craft a go.

It's hard to pick a fave Xmas figure. I think I'll go for a reindeer though.

Jill x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scarf Mia but I fear that you make it look easier than it is to achieve something so professional!!
My favourite Christmas figure is the robin! I have a gorgeous little one who visits my garden every day and in the snow his little red breast is so bright!
Have a lovely day, we have more snow today!!
Vivienne x

Anne said...

It's colder and snowy and that scarf would be warm on a chilly day. It's not exactly a figure, but my favorite figure/decoration is my Scandinavian welcome star hanging in the front window.

Happy December,
Anne at PlumCreek22

Jane said...

Hi Mia, I have just got in from work and loved seeing this happy snowman smiling from your blog.I agree with Vivienne, you make something which I am sure is very difficult look easy..!!
My favourite Christmas figure is the jolly snowman...your coasters hold my morning mug of tea and the snowman smiles to me from there as well.
Another giveaway too...how very exciting, thank you. We certainly need a scarf in this freezing weather!
Love Jane x

Helen Philipps said...

I'd love to win this adorable little snowman scarf! I have just walked home in the falling snow wearing a much less beautiful one! My favourite Christmas figure is a white wooden reindeer that I've had for a few years now. It's both wintry and Christmassy and I love seeing it every year when I open the box of decorations.
Have a wonderful weekend! Helen x

Karen said...

I wondered how you needle-felted and now I know. The scarf is lovely Mia. I am knitting red and cream yarn which I will felt in the washing machine and then cut into hearts to sew into a hanging but I would love to have a go at your technique if I can find the tool. My favourite Christmas figure is hard to choose but my youngest son did not hesitate Father Christmas of course he said. Karen X

vintagerockchick said...

Hi, I found you from the link on Gina's blog - well done for every day blogging! Love the scarf, I have tried needle felting without great success but this had inspired me to try again!

Pam said...

Have you knit the scarf too, Mia? Mr Snowman looks very smart on it with a blue scarf of his own.
P x

Anonymous said...

This is a great tutorial and for a great idea, I love this scarf. For me, I'd probably say a Robin but then, when I see your lovely cheery Snowmen they might be at the top spot! Bethx

verykerryberry said...

Ph so cute. Needle felting is a complete mystery to me so I found that tutorial quite revealing! I love reindeer for xmas.

Teje said...

Dear Mia, I just have to 'enter' here because your scarf is the qutest! and I love and miss the snowman! Your blog is full of lovely things and great ideas!
xxx Teje

Mia said...

** Comments are now closed - thank you so much for all of you!**


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