December 9th

** Welcome to my little Christmas blog! Here you'll find something Christmassy every single day until the big celebration on 25th of December! Some of the things I have created myself and some have been made by you, my dearest readers!
Thank you and the Happiest Holidays!**


Christmas is time, when you can buy and make things, which have no other purpose than making you happy and smile. This little pig (and its friends to come) is just like that. I hope that by the end of this post you have smile on your face!

You'll need:

any fabric with a big and bold print large enough to make a little pillow
sewing machine or needle and thread
knitting needle
(optional: iron-on interfacing fabric)

I found this cute pig-fabric last summer from a local thrift shop. It was a pillowcase, but I definitely wanted it for its figures! On one side there are four smaller pigs and on the other a large pink sow.
Hmm...That I'll pass still this year!

My Swedish language is not as good as it used to be, but I think these pigs have texts saying "smutsgris" and "godisgris", gris meaning a pig.
So the gray ones are little messy-pigs and the green ones are candy-pigs,
and who guess which one I chose?

I cut the pig out of the pillowcase and ironed an extra layer of interfacing into it. I also chose backing fabric for this pig, but next will have pig both sides ("godisgris"). I interfaced the back-fabric just in case too, and cut the pig-image quite close to the edges.

Then it's time to sew. Place the right sides together, and sew (I used a machine, this could be done by hand too if done very carefully?) quite close to pig-edges. Remember to leave a gap which you first use for turning the pig right sides up again, and then stuffing. It's also quite important to cut notches to any curvy-places (like next the little claws) so the shape will be pretty when turned and stuffed, and the seams will not be wrinkly.

Turn your pig right side up, and use a knitting needle or any stick to poke the ears and claws out good. Insert enough stuffing (my pig needed a lot) and use the needle to get the stuffing all the way to ears and snout. Sew the stuffing gap and you have a new happy friend!

Oink-oink! I think I call him Santa´s Little Helper!

Happy December 9th!



Teje said...

Hei Mia! I'm smiling and I love your pig - I want pigs, too...
It's really really wonderful!
Have a lovely day! Teje

Kerry said...

The last pig pic is excellent- love your pigs x

Dani said...

You are so talented Mia, love the pig and especially sitting on the laptop. Sooooo, adorable.

Hugs, Dani

Jane said...

Oh my goodness Mia, as you know pigs are my favourite animal, I adore them. What a fantastic fabric find, even though I cannot really sew I would have to make a whole herd! They are just beautiful, you have one very sweet pig there and he can already use a computer, how clever they are ;0) You have not just made me smile this morning but put a little squeal there too today!
Thank you for a wonderful post.
Love Jane x

Mia said...

Hi Teje,

I'm happy I made you smile :)

Have a lovely day too!


Mia said...

Thank you Kerry!

He's very keen helper and especially loves my laptop :)

Happiest greetings from snowy Finland!


Mia said...

Thank you Dani!

He (Santa´s Little Helper) send you his best!

Have a good day!


Mia said...

I KNEW you would love this post, Jane, I was SO sure :)

I loved the fabric when I saw it and had to have it even it was a sunny, hot day. I knew the Christmas-time would come eventually. And I'm sure this little helper will stay around after the Holiday too!

A wet-snout kiss from Finland!


Pam said...

Hi Mia, I've missed reading your blog the past couple of days (not well) but at least I get a double dose now! The pigs are lovely and I'm going to make one for .... me!
P xx

Mia said...

Oh Pam, I am so sorry to hear that you've been ill! I hope you're feeling better already and a big kiss from Santa´s Little Helper must help you *oink-smack-oink*


Anonymous said...

Oh Mia, I'm smiling for sure! Cute, cute, cute is the only way to describe your little pig and look how clever he is, he can use the computer already!!
Have a good Thursday, still cold and snowy here!
Vivienne x

Anne said...

This pig made me smile on a cold winter's morning. How lucky you were to find this fabric.I might need some piggy help with my computer!!

Thanks, Mia!

Anne at PlumCreek22

Mia said...

Hi Viv!

They say that pigs are very clever, don't they ;) This one is for sure :)

Have a cozy evening, stay warm and oh! it's Thursday again!


Mia said...

Hi Anne!

I like my little pig, he makes me smile every time I look at him! And oh yes, I can use all the help with computers I can get, too :)

Happy greetings from snowy Finland!


Helen Philipps said...

I love the pig, Mia - he's a very stylish pig! Your post made me smile!
Enjoy your crafting - I wonder what you will make next?? Helen x

Mia said...

Hi Helen,

And thank you for your kind comment!

I can say this much of my next one: They're my absolute favorites, and I keep using them in my bags, pouches and ...everywhere :)

See you tomorrow!


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