Almost the academy awards

Hello friends!

When I started to wonder around the blog-land some years ago and dreamed of my own blog, I never thought that one day it would receive an award like this:

Thank you so much, Teje!

The award made my day, and here are the duties it has attached:
  • thank and link back to person who awarded you check
  • share 7 things about yourself check
  • pay it forward to 15 discovered bloggers almost check
  • contact these bloggers and tell them about the award check
Here we go them:
  1. I do not like winter (Christmas is an another matter)
  2. I am not big on music but give me anything from him anyday and I'm sold - even them, I just might need to book the tickets to UK for this following summer
  3. I have a dream other than this handmadebyMia-life to write book(s) for children
  4. I am useless with manuals and just pretend to be interested when someone kindly shows me how to use a new gadget (this causes a few troubles every now and then)
  5. I secretly love William Shatner (in Boston Legal that is)
  6. I could live on Mexican food
  7. I drive a teenage-dream sort of impractical and old sports car. I know I should donate it to next generation already but I love it
And then the list of newly discovered bloggers! I didn't choose fifteen but just seven new(ish) blogs I have visited lately. I am linking to them here too, you all can go visit them:
  1. Robin from mynestofyarnandbuttons
  2. Lisa from Periwinkle
  3. Shanti from Wires&Yarns
  4. Lyn from stitch&bake
  5. Emer from Made by Emer
  6. Jill from I should have listened to my mother
  7. Vanessa from do you mind if i knit
  8. - 15. Anyone at my bloglist "I love to visit", older or new, you all deserve the award!

Lovely way to start a new week - giving awards to wonderful people! I am now off to make some designing. I have many ideas for new things in mind, and I think I need to draw them into my ideas-book right now.

Happy and sunny (if only...) week to all, see you soon again!



Diane Kelsey said...

Congratulations! I have only just started reading your blog and thoroughly enjoy it.

Mia said...

Hi Diane,

I am so happy you have found my blog! I am now off to visit yours, have a happy day!


Unknown said...

Congratulations on receiving your blog award Mia, and for passing it onto me. I'm feeling very honored.
I haven't posted at all on my blog since before Xmas - I'm not a lover of January and just feel like I want to hibernate.
Jill x

Lyn Armstrong said...

Congratulations Mia, and thanks for passing it on to my blog too, I am feeling smug...... I have been trying hard to blog more often and to contact more bloggers too because that is what makes it fun. I just wish I had more sewing projects to share like you did so splendidly on the Advent Challenge; you were an inspiration...

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mia on the award!
Robbie Williams indeed!! Take That are actually on the radio as I type this, truely!! I have to admit I love Take That too. :)
Well done too on getting Jill out of hibernation, I wondered where she was!
Love the look of all your new makes, how I wish I could have a look at that design book, it looks great!
Have a wonderful week.
Vivienne x

Emer said...

Hi Mia, congratulations on your blog award, and thanks for passing it on to me. I will definately start to blog more now. Looking forward to seeing all your new stuff.

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Thank you Mia for the Stylish Award!! I am honored but don't know if I deserve it, but I am thrilled. So enjoy you blog and will write my respond to my Award today! Happy day to you until tomorrow, xoRobin ❤

Mia said...

Hi Jill!

I am just the same, I do not like January at all :( there are no birthdays or anything to wait... So we need to blog each others happy!

Have a great week!


Mia said...

Hello Lyn,

I totally agree that the connection between lovely bloggers makes all the difference! It's great to read the comments and visit to other blogs.

I am looking forward to see your creations!


Mia said...

Hello Viv,

I wondered a second if I should share my Robbie/TakeThat luuv, but yippee, there's an another fan!

And I tried to get the award to new (for me at least) blogs I have enjoyed so we could all together get through January (I'm not a fan!) and great, Jill is wake too, now :) !

Wonderful week!


Mia said...

Hi Emer,

Thank to you for commenting! I wish to see your posts often in a future too, have a happy time creating them!


Mia said...

Dear Robin,

You deserve the award as you can see, I chose you :) and wanted others to find their way to yours also! January is a dull month (my opinion!) so we can all have fun together by visiting each others blogs!

Happy day!


Jane said...

Dear Mia, you are indeed a very stylish blogger,it is VERY well deserved.I am another Take That fan (although Queen are my all time faves)I loved them even from the first time around before they split. The single and video of The Flood is just awesome! Glad to know that you and Viv are fellow fans;0)
I will enjoy having a look at the other blogs you have recommended, it is great fun to see who is out there in blogland. Have a great week, Jane x

Mia said...

I am getting happier and happier here, Jane, as more TT fans keep showing up :) I loved them in 90s, my all time favorite being Back for good (1995?), oh SO good plus brings some memories from UK too ;)

Have fun with new blog-tour!


periwinkle said...

OOhh thank you very much , but I might upset you with the next bit .Take That are playing where I live and the Stadium is only a couple of miles away and lots of my friends are going to see them ... are you still my friend? Congrats on your award , you do deserve it , oh and I'm giving something away too if you would like to pop across :-)

Teje said...

Dear Mia, you are welcome and defenetely deserved this Award! I love to read and see your blog! I'm so happy to share this year and our crafts with you! Thank you for giving us inspiration and ideas!
xxx Teje

Mia said...

Hmm...Lisa... ;)

Oh but I definitely am your friend, I am just remembering them as they were in 90s (but yes, I am a BIT jealous, really)...

Have a wonderful week with many crafty moments and more and more sun each day!


Mia said...

Thank YOU Teje, for the award in a first place! It's been wonderful to see all these new blogs, and there will be many still to find!

Have a sunny (you lucky girl!) week and we'll see each others here and yours soon!


Helen Philipps said...

Congratulations on your award, Mia! You are very stylish and it is well deserved! Have a lovely week. Helen x

Mia said...

Thank you, Helen!

Happiest week to you too, some sunshine also, I hope :)


Shanti said...

Thank you so much for the award!!! I feel so honored! I wouldn't have thougth in my blog as deserver of an award like this...
I am enjoying it VERY much!!
Thank you again and congratulations on your own award too!

Mia said...

Hi Shanti!

It's been so great to receive many messages from happy award-bloggers, and they, like I was when I got mine, have all been so HAPPY! This is a great way to share smiles and happiness!

Have a great week!


do you mind if i knit said...

Hello Mia, I'm really sorry I haven't thanked you for my award yet, what must you think? Thank you so much, I love to receive awards, they are an honour to receive, I'm just a bit rubbish at finding the time to follow through with awards, I always say I'll do my best to do my bit. Thank you so much Mia, and congratulations on receiving your award. Love Vanessa xxx

Mia said...

You're so welcome, Vanessa!

The award is for you and your blog, it really deserves it! There's no need to take the pressure, I am rubbish at these things too :) And you're a award-winning blogger still!

Have a happiest weekend!


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