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I just got back from my first Spanish-lesson this year, and it was lovely. We all (there are about 15 of us in my group) had forgotten every single thing we learned last autumn, but with some heavy laughing and a few table-meets-head-banging we got it all started. It's pretty intensive almost three-hours every Tuesday but I love it still. And I just read an article in a newspaper about how learning new things and keeping your brains busy allows you live longer and happier. In the picture above the article was a guy holding a Spanish book - it's officially good for you to study!

The bag above was designed to bring some sunshine into this dull/gray/dark January. I managed to photograph it on the other day when the weather was a bit better (no wind nor -30C) and it actually felt like spring. The birds were not singing quite yet anywhere expect on my bag (I miss that so much), but sun made everything look so white and bright. It was only a few hours but it filled me with hope: there will be spring after all. Eventually.

With this happy birdie above I want to say a huge thank you to Kerry! She has given me yet an another award! My blog is now a

and the award is for crafty-blogs, which have less than 300 readers, to courage more and more people to visit you and see your handmades. Lovely that you chose me, Kerry! I am having a bit hard time choosing three (only!) blogs to pass this award to, as many of you may have a huge audience already, but I'll give it a try (and if you have many more than that 300 followers already please forgive me, you just are some of my dearest favorites):

1. Beth from Linen Cat Blog
- loveliest handmades (foxes! bunnies! owls!), always perfectly beautiful pictures

2. Helen from Helen Phillips
- the most gorgeous pictures and unique and fantastic handmades. Makes me smile every time

3. Viv from Green Rabbit Designs
- one of the most talented, most kindest and definitely most-bunny-loving blogger I know

And as always, there were many other beautiful, funny, smile-making blogs I could have chosen but I went for crafty-aspect this time. The chosen and all the other ones on my blog-list: you all make my days brighter with your posts - thank you!

Happy Tuesday everyone!



Helen Philipps said...

Hello Mia! Your birdie bags are so beautiful - the orange one looks gorgeous against the snow! And the lining fabric is so pretty! And THANK YOU thank you for giving me the award and your sweet words too! How very kind of you, I'm thrilled! Have a wonderful week. Helen x

Mia said...

Hi Helen,

Thank you for your wonderful comment again! I was so happy to give you an award - I think these are a great way to spice and brighten up this looong January! Your blog is just perfect!

Happy week to you too!


Anonymous said...

Oh Mia thank you, thank you, so much for the award and for your lovely kind words!!!
Thank you also for your lovely bright bags definitely brightening January! Although we have been very lucky these past two days as it has been very springlike with lovely blue skies. :)
So glad the spanish is coming along and good for you exercising your brain, I would need to exercise all of me!!!
Thanks again ever so much for being so kind and for dropping into to 'see' me earlier always lovely to hear from you!
Buenas noches,
Vivienne x
(By the way my husband spelt that for me, I can't speak a word of spanish)

Teje said...

Hello Mia! I love your happy bags! How you get all these wonderful ideas!!! Those birdies one over an other are just so sweet! And the small purse is really cute with the beautiful fabric inside! They surely gives 'Sun' to your days!
Congratulations! Your blog and your crafts deserve every award!
Have a wonderful time! xxx Teje

Jane said...

Hi Mia, very well deserved again my dear, congratulations on your newest award. Your crafty blog is always such a joy to read. These latest bags are so cheerful they just light up!
I'm glad you are back to your Spanish, buenos noches (it's bed time now for me after dancing!)
Jane x

Anonymous said...

Hi Mia, What a beautiful bag as always. So talented your are! Congrats on the award, if there was one for the most injuries I would probably qualify.

Have a wonderful week, Hugs, Dani

Mia said...

Hi Viv,

It made me so happy to give you this award with two others, I think your creations are wonderful and I enjoy your posts! I wish you the most sunniest week!


Mia said...

Hi Teje,

My inspiration for my crafts comes from colors (as it's so dark here during the wintertime) and my wools provide a great source! I am happy you liked the bags!

Have a great week - and happy crafting!


Mia said...

Buenos dias, Jane!

And I thought Tuesday was your dancing-night when I was going to my class yesterday - here's to us!

Have a great week, and give a big kiss to Billy again, I saw him busy inspecting something again at your blog yesterday ;)


Mia said...

Hi Dani,

I am so sorry about your injuries! But I truly hope and believe, that the worst is behind now and your spring can start blossoming soon.

Take care!


Jill said...

Hola Mia :0)

You've created another beautiful bag. I love the Springtime colours you've chosen.

I'm absolutely hopeless with languages. In my dreams I speak Italian fluently though :0)

Jill x

Mia said...

Hi Jill,

I dream of speaking Spanish fluently too but it might take a few more lessons still :)

Have a wonderful and sunny day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mia,

Thank you so much for passing along the award to me :) I'm nursing a sick little boy today so it's brightened my mood considerably and sun has even come out to celebrate as well!

Love the bright cheery birdie bags, prefect for this time of year, such great colours.

Thanks again,

Anne said...

Hola Mia,

Love these new bright bags.Cheers up a cold day here!
I'm happy you are back in Spanish class, (I love languages).
Here's to your Liebster award.

Adios, Anne at PlumCreek

Mia said...

Hello Beth,

Sorry to hear that you have illness in the house :( but I am happy the award lifted your spirits! Your blog (and work!) is one of my all time favorites.

I hope you all be up and running soon! Happy Wednesday!


Mia said...

Hi Anne,

Happy to have you visiting me again! I'll be e-mailing you today also, Mr. mailman visited me :)

Have a wonderful week!


Shanti said...

Hi Mia! you made me laugh with your last post...
and with this one: I didn't know you're studying spanish...
I'm from Mexico, and I love spanish, hehe. I try to be good in English but I'm not always good at it. And even when I can manage a conversation, I know I still have a lot to improve.
Your bags are AMAZING!!!

Mia said...

Hi Shanti!

I traveled quite a bit when I was younger and also worked abroad but sadly never really studied Spanish then. I started that last autumn and I LOVE IT! I'll continue at least until end of this year and then we'll see how I can hablo ;) Your English is excellent!!

Have a lovely day and many greetings from Finland again!


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