There are a few things, that never fail to make me smile. These little white fellows are among them. Even if you weren't familiar with the story behind them, the cuteness just... is there.

I have made quite a few bags, pouches and other little things with re-used Moomin-fabrics over the years. Somehow, little by little, the wool and felting have taken over. Every now and then I dig my Moomins-stash (oh yes, I have one!) and make these feel-good-makes-me-smile -things. So you're not believing I do have a stash? Let's see:

...and it's properly labeled too:

My fabrics are still, after the renovation-boxing-time, washed but wrinkled-ly stuffed in the boxes. I just cannot get myself to do all the ironing at once. I have convinced myself it would take ages, so when I use, I iron. Pretty they're not, I must admit, but they're in the darkest corner of my working space (explains the dark pictures too) so I can live with them.

I really should go through my stash little more often as there are many, many fabrics I really didn't even remember I had. Pretty, springly and cute (and wrinkled). Hmm... There seem to be two options for today: either I go and start spring cleaning the fabric boxes with an iron as my weapon of choice or I could start sewing some more with my yesterday's finds. This really is a hard one...

Happiest Tuesday!



Jane said...

Good morning Mia, you know how much I love the Moomins...that is how we met...you making me my Moomin bag....what a great adventure this has been. I love your stash, everyone needs their stash of material..you should see my beads and card making stash.Plus it gets added to all the time.
So my dear without the Moomins I would not have my snowy friend in Finland! Have a great week, it's our classes today.
Jane x

Mia said...

Good morning, Jane!

That is so true, the Moomins brought us together :) what a blessing! I happily chose sewing instead of ironing (I think you guessed already!) and am eyeballing my Spanish book at the same time.

Have a great day and a happy class tonight!


Jill said...

I'm asking myself why I haven't got a Moomin stash!!!!!
I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!

Teje said...

Hi Mia! All we love Moomins!!! You're lucky to have so many fabrics with them!
I should have all my materials front of me, other wise I forget what I have. Some of them I iron but because they are any way upside down many times before cutting, still they need ironing, so why not to do it just when you need the fabric!
You have made again so sweet and qute pouches and bags with those lovable fabrics!
Sunny day to you my friend! Teje

Mia said...

Hi Jill,

I know, everyone should have one ;)

Have a great Tuesday, sunny and fun!


Mia said...

Hello Teje,

Don't we all :) Moomins just make me smile!

I know the dilemma of hidden stash/cleaner working space - you cannot have everything in shown otherwise you cannot work but if it's hidden, you keep forgetting about it...

Happy day and happy crafting!


Helen Philipps said...

Hello Mia I enjoyed seeing your stash, especially the unironed part as it makes me feel better about my own! I think though that ironing as you go is probably the best idea anyway, because when I start a project I normally iron the fabric before cutting out as it usually has fold lines in it, so it makes sense to leave it until you use it. And too much ironing at once isn't a good thing for anyone! Enjoy your lovely sewing, and thank you for the cute Moomins today. Helen x

Anonymous said...

That's the thing about stashes, you really do forget what you have!
I wouldn't iron the fabrics until you need them because you would only have to iron them again anyway, who wants to iron twice!!!!
Spanish day! I see Mr Torres is on his way to Chelsea!! Keep practising! ;)
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Hi Helen,

I am sure your stash is neater than mine ;) but thank you for cheering me up! And you're so right, first thing you need to do when you that sewing something is to iron&cut so there's really no point doing things twice :)

Happiest day!


Mia said...

Hello Viv,

I was keeping my fingers crossed that Nando would be picked by my local football team ;) but apparently they run out millions! I will keep practicing my holas anyway!

Have a wonderful day and many greetings from more-and-more-snow-each-day Finland again!


Kerry said...

You have some great stuff in your stash! Momins always make me smile too

Anne said...

Hello Mia, It's wonderful to see your Moomin bags and fabric stash.When I think of Finland, I think of Moomins!!
You cheered up a very cold, snowy day. I'll write soon.

Anne at PlumCreek

Mia said...

Thanks Kerry,

I am sure I would LOVE to explore your fabrics...You always show so beautiful vintage-ones in your blog.

Have a great week!


Mia said...

Hello Anne,

So great to hear from you again, and write when you find the time (even I LOVE to read your news!).

Have a wonderful day and many greetings from snowy (yes, still!) Finland again!


Sian said...

Gorgeous work like always Mia! :)

You make the most beautiful Moomin things!

The person who is getting them is certainly very lucky! ;)


Mia said...

Hi Sian,

I know, she's so lucky ;) but I also know, that she loves Moomins very much!

So wonderful to have you visiting me here, please feels most welcome to come again!


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