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Was it just last week when I said that it seems I'm getting back on a blocking-track? And then a week and not a single post. I apologize, but somehow these summer-weeks seem to be much shorter than the winter ones. But so much better in many ways, no complains here. Although it's been raining for past five days it's still so fantastic to have all the light. And all that green.

It's almost Midsummer already, I cannot believe it. Our roses are opening, and the scent is just divine. The rose is in bloom just a very short time around Midsummer, and makes our wining and dining outside extra special as it grows just next to our tables and chairs. I wish you could visit me here!

And I haven't been holidaying here, oh no, I have been a busy bee! This little business of mine grows slowly but surely, and I have yet an another new pretty spot where my things can be found (and purchased). My first big package was shipped yesterday, and when all is set, I'll show you more of it. But in the meanwhile I am just very happy for this.

I am wishing you happy and sunny Midsummer-week! See you soon again!



Jane said...

Hi Mia, I am back from my holiday and I have so many lovely stories to share! You have been so busy and I am delighted to hear that you have a new outlet for your sales; fantastic and so deserved my dear. Your creations are a joy. Happy mid summer to you to and enjoy the longest day, you must have 24 hours of daylight today? Speak soon when I have tried to get some of the washing out of the way!
Jane x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Mia, So happy for you to have gotten a new source for your lovely felted magic. You know I love your work and creations. I'm so thrilled for you, really and truly! Have a delightful day and I also hope to post soon maybe after work today. Take care my friend, xoRobin❤

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Congratulations on expanding you little business Mia, well-deserved!!
I do love that photo of the rose with the rain on it, very pretty. :)
I can't believe it's mid-summer already either, where does the time go, I do wish it would slow up a bit!! You must have lots of daylight at the moment.
Happy Week,
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Wonderful to have you back, Jane, and I wish you had the greatest time! I can't wait to see and read all about your trip! I'll be mailing you in a minute too to thank you about something :)

Happy Tuesday and kisses to B, is he home yet?


Mia said...

Hello Robin,

Thank you so much for your wonderful message again! I am so happy I'm little by little getting more places to sell my handmades, it's not that there's a certain plan but slowly... ;)

Wishing you the greatest day and see you in your blog soon!


Mia said...

Thank you, Viv!

I am trying to use my camera with some other programs than "automatic" too when I'm not in too hurry, that one was my first attempts to use macro :)

Have a wonderful and sunny day, it rains here again heeeeeavily... But sun never goes down these days so it's pretty and bright even with rain!


Anne said...

Congratulations Mia, I'm happy you found another place for your felted goodies!! (I love the tags you made.)
Busy week last week and now I'm ready for Midsummer!

Have a wonderful day and week.


Mia said...

Hello Anne,

And thank you! And I like the tags too :) although I know I really really really should get some printed too (and I love your cards!!!), but one step at the time!

Have a wonderful Midsummer week too, many greetings from Finland again!


Helen Philipps said...

So thrilled for you that you have another outlet for your lovely felted makes! And lovely to see the roses too where you are, so pretty! Have a happy sunny weekend.
Helen x

Mia said...

Thank you so much, Helen, I am quite happy and exited too! And my beloved roses...They are in full bloom now and the smell...just divine!

Sending you rose-scented Midsummer greetings!


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