Out of stock

Not anymore!



and birdies!

All fresh and handmade straight from my garden.

Happy and sunny week everyone!



Jill said...

Seems like you've been a hive of activity Mia - I'm loving the big googly eyes on the Bee :0)


Anne said...

Wow, what a variety!! I love the bunnies and the bird and mushroom.


Beth said...

Lovely collection. My birdie keyfob is one of my favourite things :)

Mia said...

This sun makes me so happy, positive and active too, Jill! It's also lovely to be able to work outside, a rare treat around here :)

Have a lovely day and the happy bee WINKS you big time!


Mia said...

Hi Anne,

Thank you! It seem that summer makes me think summery items also :) which is fantastic!Happy that you liked my creations again!

Happy week from sunny Finland!


Mia said...

Hi Beth,

Thank you! I am so happy you've enjoyed your birdie, and I actually think that it's one of my first ones, seems that it was made a long time ago - yet it's been mere a year? Time is a strange thing, really!

Happy and sunny days to you!


Jane said...

Such wonderful new stock Mia, I am sure you will sell out again really soon, I love them all. I smile thinking of all the sunshine and energy you have put into these dear little treasures!
Keep creating;I will keep sending you sunny greetings!
Jane x

Mia said...

Thank you dear Jane!

It's yet an another sunny morning and I am just off to garden to make some more sunny things! I am sure I'll almost cry during the winter when I remember these moments :( but now I just enjoy and charge the batteries!

Your holiday is just around the corner, yippee, and I am wishing you sunny and beautiful days! Kisses to B!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh Mia, I've had a sick laptop this week which had to go to the laptop doctor and I've missed so much in blogland!! I couldn't believe all the bunnies and I just couldn't wait to get to your shop in case they were all gone.
Luckily the little black one was still there waiting for me. I used to have a beautiful black bunny, her name was Buttercup.
It is so good to back onlione again.
Have a wonderful weekend. :)
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Dear Viv,

I was getting worried already as you didn't come to comment my bunnies :) I am happy it was yourlaptop not you who was feeling unwell (even I know how annoying the computer problems are too). The bunny will be soon at yours!

Wishing you the sunniest weekend!


Helen Philipps said...

You have been very busy, Mia. I think your new makes are gorgeous, with lots of imaginative ideas. I'm glad you have sunshine in Finland! As I write this it is raining here - but the garden needs it, and it was sunny yesterday. Happy Sunday!
Helen x

Mia said...

Hi Helen,

And thank you! It rains here too (whole day today) and it's much cooler. I'm hopeful it'll get better soon, though, and I wish you sunny and beautiful week too.

Happy Sunday!



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