How much happiness can one get from a new office-tool such as stapler?
You wouldn't believe.

Because it's pink. It also staples 30 papers at the time but more importantly it matches my nails. It also has 60months guarantee (do they give that to the new cars even these days?) but more importantly it's a beauty.

It's called Rapid pink freeze, and it just did that yesterday: it froze me in a local bookstore and made me buy it. Because it's pink (did I already mention that?), pretty (and pretty damn expensive) and 10% of the price went to breast cancer research. And also...It's pink.

Lovely weekend!



Helen Philipps said...

I would be happy finding that pink stapler too, Mia! (And it is sold for such a good cause too). In fact I'm going to look out for one when I get back from my trip next week, as it would look much nicer in my studio than the dull red one I use at present! Have a lovely weekend.
Helen x

Anne said...

Ohhhhhh, happiness is a pink stapler.
Just right for the woman who has a pink garden rake and pink scissors!!

Have a great and sunny weekend, dear Mia.


Mia said...

Hi Helen,

I am silly in a way that pretty little things make my days happier (like this stapler, my pink scissors, Moomin-handtowels...) and as you said, it's for the good cause also! And it certainly brightens up sometimes dull paperwork, too!

Sunshine to your weekend!


Mia said...

It is indeed, Anne!

It looks pretty on my desk, it works perfectly and has a good cause - can you really wish more for an office tool?!?

Have a wonderful weekend, too, dear friend!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

It's so slick and smooth just like a new car!! It's certainly better than the average stapler, taking 30 papers at a time and a 60 months guarantee is probably longer than most staplers last!!
What colour is it again Mia!!! ;)
Happy weekend,
Vivienne x

Mia said...

I know, Viv, I think it's the most beautiful office-thing I've ever had :) It's so ME!

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend, and I wish yours is a sunny one, we have rain-rain-rain coming here :(


Jane said...

I saw that photo in my blogger dashboard and thought "that must belong to Mia" and yes it does because it's pink and SO you my dear.What a beauty and how clever to staple that many papers...and what colour is the paper I wonder.....?
Have a pink and sunny weekend,
Jane x

Mia said...

:) :) :)

I am so happy my friends know me only so well!!

Have a wonderful weekend, Jane, sunshine and happy moments with Billy!


Beth said...

Oh it's lovely and very you! Bethx

Mia said...

Thank you, Beth, I love it :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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