Giraffe vol.2

Some of you might remember these pillowcases still? I have been meaning to use that cutest giraffe figure somewhere again, but you know how it goes... This and that and those and something else still comes along. But hip-hooray, the giraffe got out finally and it's a bag this time:

And what would be cuter than a matching giraffe-lining? Does one exist even? But naturally:

I am happily thinking of mushrooms and foxes and berries and even colorful leaves as the summer-stays-with-us-until-October did not really happen after all. It's been cooler, rainier and...let's face it: autumn-ier. And I am alright with it (that's a first). Really.

Happy Monday!



mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Mia, I'm back from vacation and can't wait to post, I'm sooooo behind. Love love the giraffe bag. He is so cute and definitely makes me smile! There is no end to your creativity! Great job. xoRobin❤ Will be posting later today!!

Mia said...

Great to have you "back" Robin!

I'll be visiting you later on today, I have missed yours posts!

Happy week!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I'll pretend I didn't hear that Mia, I have my fingers in my ears! ;)You know me I will cling on to summer for a while yet!
The giraffe is gorgeous and as always the lining a perfect match. :)
Happy week,
Vivienne x

Anne said...

Delightful!! I just peeked in your shop and someone in Japan will be getting a wonderful set of bags!
(I love them all)

Happy Creating week and Happy Monday to you,


Mia said...

I know, Viv, I almost named the post "Not for Viv's eyes" but I thought you might want to see the happy giraffe (and ignore the rest!) after all!

I am wishing you many summery and sunny days, it's not TOO BAD here either!


Mia said...

Hi Anne!

I know, my bags are traveling literally all over the world :) and it makes me smile (proudly!)!

Have a wonderful week-beginning, I'll be writing properly soon again!


Jane said...

Oh how sweet is that dear giraffe (as you know they are my boy's favourite but don't tell him I wrote this - tee hee!) I would never have thought you could find a giraffe lining but nothing is impossible with you Mia is it?! What a great find.
It's been SO windy here today but the sun is there...sending some sunshine your way my friend.
Jane x

Mia said...

Thank you dear Jane,

We definitely need some sun! We've had very heavy rain for last week or so, but thankfully this following weekend should be sunny and pretty!

Have a great week, enjoy your sun with Mr. B!


Nova Melina said...

Ihan super ihana kassi taas! Tosi tosi tosi söpö. <3

Mia said...

Iso iso iso kiitos! Hitsi kun tulee iloinen mieli kun muutkin kuin itse tykkää :)

Mukavaa uutta viikkoa!

Terkuin Mia

Kerry said...

your linings are always such a great match! Perfect

Mia said...

Thank you, Kerry!

I am a fabric-lover (just as you!) and I actually am not absolutely sure if the bag comes first or the lining, I love both as much :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Teje said...

Dear Mia, this is just the most happy giraffe I have seen! You choose the colours so beautifully and linen and every detail is so good! I love those pillows, too!
xxx Teje
PS. I miss autumn.

Mia said...

Hi Teje,

Thank you so much for your nice comment! The giraffe makes me smile too :)

And oh autumn...You have summer all year round? That would be lovely, but a beautiful, sunny and crisp autumn-day is a great every now and then...But still: Summer is the best of them all!

Happy day!


Shanti said...

Hi Mia....

That Giraffe is absolutely petty!!!
Well done!


Mia said...

Hi Shanti,

Thank you! I think it turned out quite cute :)

I wish your new yarn shop is keeping your busy but not too so you'll have time to knit and crochet too!

Have a happy day!


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