Better late than...

Thank you so much everyone for participating my little coaster giveaway! I am not wasting any more precious time on apologies or any explanations for being some hours late from the 9th - here we go:

There were sixteen of you, yippee!

Into the pretty bowl! Lid on tight... and some vigorous shaking!

And the pickety-pickety-pick:

First winner: Pam! She said: "Love those stripey ones Mia!" - so number three, the Russian doll-striped ones will go to you, Pam!

Our second winner: Sue/Crafts@home! She said:"...no 2 for me I think.... if I win!" - that's wonderful: happy hoots will start their journey to you soon, Sue!

And the third: chrissie! She said:"...the order is 2,3,1. But any one would be gratefully received." Oh my... The squirrels were third on your list, chrissie! So ta-da-daah: I am making you an extra pair of happy hoots-coasters (as I am sure I'll find a home for those squirrels too)! Your owls-set will arrive as a surprise to you, but I promise they'll be just as pretty as the originals !

Congratulations, ladies! I have your details already, Pam, from last Christmas. I also will contact you soon, Sue, via e-mail I found it in your fantastic webpage. So chrissie, please e-mail me your shipping details handmadebymia at gmail.com - so I can send your little parcel to you asap! With that chocolate, of course!

Happy new week, everyone!



Pam said...

Yeeee Haaaa!!! Thank you Mia - what a wonderful start to a week. Thank you so much and can't wait to see them.
Have a great week,
P xx

Mia said...

You're so welcome, Pam!

I was thinking exactly the same: what a wonderful way to start a dull and cold Monday morning - giving away something that may make you smile! Your set will be shipped later today!

Have a great week!


Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

Congratulations to the lucky ladies :o)

Have a lovely week Mia :o)

Mia said...

You too, Donna, happiest new week!


crafts@home said...

I WON! I am smiling from ear to ear :)

Mia said...

Hi Sue,

I am so happy to see you smiling on Monday morning :) yippee!

I'll ship the hoots-parcel still today!

Have a great new week!


Helen Philipps said...

Such lucky winners, Mia! What great news for them to discover at the start of the week!
Enjoy your crafty autumnal week.
helen x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Congrats to the very lucky winners!!
Raining here again. :(
I really think I've been misplaced and I should have born somewhere on the shores of the Meditteranean, something went wrong somewhere!
Happy new week Mia, fingers crossed for some sunshine along the way!
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Hello Helen,

And I agree - it's great to start Monday (my least favorite day!) with some happy news!

I wish you a happy week - it may snow here already...huh.


Mia said...

Hi Viv,

It rains here too, and some snowing also "promised" for this week - I think we BOTH have been misplaced, I (with my brilliant Spanish skills and love for Torres) should be living in Malaga or somewhere around there too :)

Happy week no matter the weather!


Jane said...

Congrats to all the lucky ladies Mia. I love that Moomin jar! It is very windy again here today but still quite mild and sunny.....much as I do love snow I really do not think I would want it now ;0).
Keep warm and have a creative week my friend, I am so looking forward to getting my autumn coaster soon, can't wait!
Jane x

Mia said...

Hi Jane,

Sorry I didn't email you yet, but the coaster is on its way - let's wish it a quick journey!

It rains here now miserably, but at least it's not snow YET :)

Happy week!


Anne said...

Congrats to three very lucky ladies!!
Enjoy Mia's coasters and some Finnish "suklaa"!!

Mia and Viv, I hope the weather dries up soon.

Anne at PlumCreek

Mia said...

Hi Anne,

Thank you for the better weather wishes - so far no such luck ;)

Have a wonderful week dear friend, and we'll talk soon again!


Teje said...

Congratulations to you lucky ladies! Have a lovely coffee/teatime!
That bowl with running Muumi is just so sweet! Have a great time, Mia!
xxx Teje

Mia said...

Thank you, Teje!

That bowl is one of the newest Muumi-products, and I have a matching water/milk/juice jug too.... and I have been watching the mugs and and and...Maybe from Santa?

Have a great week!


chrissie said...

Thank you so much for choosing me as a winner. I am thrilled to bits and look forward to receiving the coasters. Off now to e mail you my address.
Thank you, thank you xx

Mia said...

Hi Chrissie,

That's wonderful, I'll ship your surprise-set out today!

Wishing you a wonderful and sunny Wednesday!


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