Professionals do it better

It's the time again. Time to rake, rake and rake. And some more still. We love our yard but it's a leaf-playground, there are a lot of them. And as the raking wouldn't be enough, after it there are millions of big mountains of leaves to be picked up and carried away. What can one do except rake her hands into blisters? Hah, hire a professional help of course.

Just one phone call, and a very professional -looking vehicle arrives...

... and in no time he gets to work. I like that!

And you can really tell he is a pro. Not only he uses the top-of-the-range equipment but also he wears high quality safety devices, check out those earphones, very impressive. And talking about the equipment, take a look at this:

That clearly is not for everyone. But it works, because in no time:

Ta-da-dah! Money well spent.

Wonderful new October week, everyone! It's a autumn-holiday-week here, and that little-pro will be helping me in many projects this week! Lucky me!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

It really is hard to get good professional help, you're very lucky to have found such an excellent workman!
What a great job he has done and I'm sure he's not hard to pay either ~ a few sweeties here and there?? :)
Have a great week Mia and enjoy your little helper!
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Hello Viv,

I know, and I really appreciate this one :) And oh yes, it's sweets sometimes (Friday is his special treat day) but last time he got hard cash and purchased a (plastic) fire station in a local fleamarket - not bad, huh?

Have a wonderful and hopefully sunny week!


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Sweet Mia,
Lovely clean and tidy yard, you have now. Your helper was so professional and had all the right equipment. Just one phone call!! I hope you have a lovely week, I am sooo busy making hooks! Thank you again and again for your lovely post on ME❤
Hope your week is just rosy and sunny

Jane said...

Is your little handy man available for overseas work Mia...I would find him very helpful in clearing my garden too ;0)He seems fully equipped with all the correct gear too. Wonderful!
What a sweetie he is. Perhaps in winter he could be Santa's Little Helper?
Have a great week my dear,
Jane x

Anne said...

Lovely photos on a Monday morning.....Mr. L's own lawn service. I'm sure he felt so "grown-up" helping blow away the leaves.

Mia, Have fun this week with your best helper.

Thinking of you....

Mia said...

Hello sweetest Robin,

It was my pleaseure "feature" your beautiful creations! And I am so happy to hear that you are busy making those happy-hooks! I knew everyone simply wants one (many)those, they're adorable (and unique, I haven't seen similar anywhere) so hooray!

I met my little helper again today and he simply is the most wonderful little boy. A big kiss from him!

Happiest week!


Mia said...

I am sure he would fly to you in a minute, Jane, but I think his mom insists he has domestic gigs only until he's five or so :) I am sure he would love Billy too a lot

Have a wonderful week Jane, and oh, you had Santa in mind already, I love it as I was thinking of him today too!


Mia said...

Hi Anne,

L sends you a big kiss :)

He's so much fun to have around, and it's his holiday-week too so he's available on various tasks...and his energy NEVER runs out!

Wonderful new week!


Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

Oh Bless him! :o)

What a sweetie! He can come and help clear up my leaves anytime:o)

Hope you're having a fantastic week Mia.x

Mia said...

Thanks, Donna!

It seems that he could have work for every weekend for this year with you dear ladies :)

Have wonderful and sunny week too!


Beth said...

Ah I have 2 of those handy helpful boys but I'm simply too lazy to move all our leaves, they just sit there all winter and then get mowed back into the grass come spring. I need a leaf blower as well, then maybe my boys will get involved :)

Mia said...

Hi Beth,

Oh, that has happened us too (not once but...) but this year in our neighbourhood EVERYONE is scratching their lawn with such an enthusiasm that we simply did not have a choice :) This is the first year we have that blower and oh boy it's noisy but effective (and a man-magnet, everyone aged 3-80 loves it!). Highly recommended!

Happiest week dear friend!


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