When you read this, dear friends, there's a wonderful family-party going on. After almost two decades some ties were knot, some happy tears were shed and quite a few friends (and family too) were surprised. And as the journey to this day has not been the most traditional, nor is the celebration. There's no white princess gown, no veil or bouquet. Instead there is a beautiful black dress, some wine red shoes and a rosy-purse. Handmade that is, naturally. Diamonds are included - both in finger and purse. Traditionally honeymoons are for the bride&groom only, but this celebration is all about the family, so sisters, aunts, nephews and granma were all welcome, and we already are on the road to have a splendid weekend here, and there will be gifts for all to enjoy when we get there.

It's been a long yet wonderful journey to this day, and this is what it started with and I'll leave you with this weekend. Love from all of us to all of you and very merry weekend!

Mrs. N


Shanti said...

Happy day, Happy weekend! enjoy much! congratulations!!

Kerry said...

What a beautiful ring! Congratulations and have a great stay at that beautiful hotel!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh Mia, many, many congratulations!
Your ring is so beautiful. :)
I hope you have the most wonderful time at that fantastic hotel.
This is all very exciting!
Happy weekend,
Vivienne x

chrissie said...

Lots of love and congratulations.
Be happy
Chrissie x

Jane said...

Oh my goodness dear Mia - how exciting....you have kept that all very secret....many, many congratulations to you both. I am delighted to hear your news and I am sending you lots and lots of love for a fabulous weekend. You ring is stunning....but you SO deserve it.
Jane x

Helen Philipps said...

Oh Mia, such a delightful romantic post...many congratulations and I wish you both every happiness! Have a wonderful weekend at that beautiful hotel with your loved ones! (I always thought wonderwall would be a lovely song to have as an 'our' song!) Happy weekend and happy future Mrs N!
Helen x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Oh sweet Mia, what exciting and unexpected happy news. How did you hold back....I bet it was hard. I am so thrilled for you and all your loved ones who you are sharing your love with. I wish you and your husband much happiness in your lives together. xoRobin❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Anne said...

Onnea Mr and Mrs. N!!!

Congratulations for your wedding and celebrations!

with love,

Pam said...

Happy happy days Mia - and lots more of them too.
P xxx

Teje said...

Dear Mia, Congratulations!!! I am so happy, exited and touched for you! I wish you both all the best!!! Your ring is adorable and I'm sure you are having the best party in Imatra!
Kisses and hugs!
xxx Teje

Mia said...

Thank you so much, Shanti!

We had lovely time :)

Wishing you the happiest November too!


Mia said...

Thank you, Kerry!

Our weekend was lovely (oh and the ring is pretty too :) I keep taking a look at it every now and then!)! And the BIGGEST congratulations to you for your wonderful win too, I'll be leaving a comment at yours too! Fantastic job!


Mia said...

Thank you Vivienne,

We had wonderful time, and all your messages&lovely congratulations made it even more special! Thank you, dear!

Wishing you a lovely (and sunny, hopefully) new week!


Mia said...

Thank you so much, Chrissie!

We were (and are!) so happy, it was the most wonderful weekend!

Wishing you a happy new week too!


Mia said...

Thank you dear Jane,

I am so proud of myself of keeping the secret! It was really, really hard :) but I managed it! We had the most wonderful time and now I am happy to start a new week with these diamonds :)

Wishing you the most wonderful new week and a big kiss to that purrrfffect-boy too!


Mia said...

Thank you so much, Helen!

We had the loveliest time and now it's time to have a new, happy November week! I am wishing you wonderful, creative (and hopefully sunny too) days!


Mia said...

Dear Robin,

Thank you so much for your beautiful congratulations! And I know, we surprised a few friends&family too after almost two decades :) We had lovely time, and this really brightened up this November! Just lovely!

I wish you many happy knitting-days!


Mia said...

Thank you so much, Anne!

We loved every minute of our weekend, and all of your my dear friends sending your lovely wishes made it even more beautiful! Thank you!

Wishing you a lovely new week, dear friend!


Mia said...

Thank you, Pam!

We had the loveliest weekend, and now we're starting a new, wonderful November-week together!

Wishing you a sunny and beautiful new week too!


Mia said...

Thank you, Teje!

Our Imatra-weekend was lovely, sun was even shining and everything was just perfect! We enjoyed every minute of it!
Now it's a new week, but I am still smiling :)

Wishing you a happy, new week too!


Beth said...

Oh Mia what wonderful news! Congratulations to you both, it's really very exciting. I can't believe you kept that a secret, I had to read the post twice as I was so confused and didn't see a hint of it in your earlier blogging.

Fabulous, all my very best wishes to you all. Bethx (the linen cat)

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

Oh Congratulations Mia!!

How wonderfull, and what a beautiful secret :o)

Have a fabulous week, and take care,
Love Donna xx

Mia said...

Thank you dear, Beth!

We decided to keep this as a secret (and it was HARD, believe me!) since we had very small wedding. It was wonderful, and just so worth it :)

Have a fantastic new week and happy crafting!


Mia said...

Thank you so much, Donna!

Have a wonderful (and hopefully sunny) week too and many greetings from November-ish (nit snowy yet, yippeee!) Finland!


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